Jack Dylan Grazer Smoking Leaked Video Trending Online, Luca actor mocks getting ‘cancelled’

Earlier in 2018, Jack Dylan Grazer came into the limelight when a smoking leaked video of him smoking smack was leaked online. When the video went viral on the internet, the popular actor was 14 years old at the time and was largely called out for his works.

As the release date of his new film “Luca” nears release, the old video reappeared online, leading the Disney star to mock the “cancellation culture” online. The 2018 video was earlier leaked through the actor’s own Snapchat account.

In the leaked video of Jack Dylan Grazer, he is seen drinking cannabis and inhaling steam. The leaked clip instantly went viral on social media and created panic on social media.

 After facing a huge backlash from social media, the then 14-year-old ‘It’ star posted an apology on his Instagram. However, the apology video got deleted online and was hugely trolled for being scripted. In the video, the young actor admitted to “smoking pot because of peer pressure.”

“Hello everyone. I would just like to clear up some past mistakes that I have made. It was a stupid thing I did in school because of peer pressure. I now realize that steam and smoking pot, this stupid And it’s not good and it’s not worth it.”

In the leaked video, Jack Dylan Grazer also requested viewers to refrain from making “mistakes”.

“I’ve learned my lesson and I learned it the hard way. Please don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you feel like being under peer pressure or bullying, seek help. But I wish you continued love and support.” And I love you guys and I’m sorry.”

The video of the apology became the subject of ridicule and laughter online. Critics also pointed out that the “We Are Who We Are” actor remembered his apology and while shooting a video he looking at a script.

Jack Dylan Grazer Smoking Leaked Video Getting Fun by Star as ‘canceled’ for Resurfaced Video

Jack Dylan Grazer is well-known for his role of “Eddie” in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It”. He was also been a part of the 2019 DCEU film “Shazam!” Also known for appearing in and CBS’s sitcom “Me, Myself and I,” among others.

Apart from his work in movies and TV shows, the American actor is also quite popular for his TikTok videos. As per the recent TikTok video, Jack Dylan Grazer poked fun at being “canceled” in reference to his controversial old video of him smoking.

The 17-year-old sarcastically “Yeah right!” With the video turned off. After the latest TikTok video, fans also took to Twitter to share a laugh at the old incident.

Jack Dylan Grazer’s new film “Luca”, released on 18th June 2021. The actor lent his voice to the main character “Alberto Scorfano” in the Pixar film.

Meanwhile, Grazer’s upcoming “Shazam!” is preparing to reprise his role as “Freddie Freeman”. sequel.

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