Jacob Sartorius Trending On Twitter and Leaves scandalized for Photoshopped Photo on Social Media

Jacob Sartorius Trending on Twitter for a Photoshopped Photo.


If you have been hunting around on Twitter in the last few hours you have probably seen the name of Jacob Sartorius. Recently, the Social Media popular influencer and singer has been a major subject of the Twitter storm and most o the people don’t know why. He scandalized on logging into Twitter because of the photoshopped explicit image of his went viral on Social Media.

Jacob Sartorius Trending On Twitter


Β The 18-year-old celebrity clearly portrayed the image of a notorious leaker after he dominated the Twitter trending page. As social media surfaced with speculation, Jacob Sartorius recently responded in a light friendly joke manner and acknowledging the “good editing” work done by a nameless person: He shared a photon his official Twitter account and captioned it, “don’t know who photoshopped this but nice edit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”.

At the time he reached the post, the damage had mostly done. Many users in Twitter has scandalized him after seeing the photo without knowing the trending page. Also, fans posted, hilarious memes and reaction for this Jacob Sartorius photoshopped photo.


About Jacob Sartorius?

Jacob Sartorius is a famous media influencer and an American singer who started his journey by lip lip-syncing and posting short comedic videos on famous platform TikTok and Vine.

Also, he is in a rumour about the relationship with Millie Bobby Brown who is famous from her latest web series “Stranger Things”. This news id becomes an instant hit on the internet globally. He released his first debuted song in 2016 title ‘Sweatshirt’. After that, he released an EP in the year 2017. On TikTok, he has 23.8 million TikTok followers.

Jacob Sartorius Trending Photo

After the photoshopped photo uploaded on Twitter and some of the tweets, Jacob Sartorius starts trending on Twitter everywhere. In light of his recent photoshopped image going viral, Twitter was a meltdown, as fans immediately regretted the fact that he let his curiosity lead to a clearer image of a teenager.

The shocking news is that a lot of users said, Now they had forgotten that Jacob Sartorious even exists now somewhere. Check out the fans some of the user’s reactions below.

We have seen many celebrities has been scandalized on daily basis. This is one of the problematic thing trends in today’s digital age of latest technology and social media.

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