Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett relationship status opens by Josh Richards on the BFFs podcast


A few days after his ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett and best friend Jaden Hossler were spotted on a dinner date, Josh Richards has finally come out and shared his side of the story during his appearance on the BFF Podcast.

Apparently, in the 45-minute episode, Josh Richards opened up about his current equations with Nessa and Jaden following their recent relationship status.


In one of the most explicit segments of the podcast, Josh Richards revealed that he already knew about Jayden and Nessa’s alcoholic romance:

“I kind of knew that they liked each other. We broke up then they became a thing , it’s like whatever, I’m moving on from it, they’re moving on from it their way and for me, I just wish them the best. That’s that”


During the podcast, Josh appeared to be standing on a mature front, as he addresses Fiasco who has captured the world of TikTok.

In light of his mature response, many of his fans took to Twitter to praise him.

Fans supported Josh Richards after his revelations about Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett on the BFFs podcast

The recent episode of the BFFs podcast featured Josh Richards and fellow TikTok star Griffin Johnson, who sat down for candid conversations with Dave Portnoy and Brie LaPaglia of Barstool Sports.

One of the most honest segments of the show, Josh Richards, unveiled that he does not desire any ill towards Yaden Hosler or Nessa Barrett. He also urged the parties not to take sides, as this would only aggravate a very private matter:

“I don’t think anything they tried to do was malicious against me I think that it’s just like we’re all 19-year olds, young as f**k just trying to figure sh*t out. I made a lot of mistakes while my relationship with Nessa too. I just hate seeing this turning into “Team this” and “Team that”.I don’t want it to become a thing where we sh*t on each other”

Josh also unveiled that he had never blocked Jaden, contrary to what was claimed in his recent Instagram live session.

With Dave continuously pointing out how wrong it was for Jaden to thwart his relationship with Nessa, Josh Richards appeared subdued throughout the episode and preferred not to read too much into it.

Many of his fans have now taken to Twitter to support him:

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Josh Richards will be hoping to pull himself away from all eyeballs as the online community continues to discuss the consequences of Jaden X Nessa’s explosive new relationship.



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