Home News Entertainment Jake Paul leaked virginity DMs to Ben Askren’s surface on Internet

Jake Paul leaked virginity DMs to Ben Askren’s surface on Internet

In front of throwing real punches in the ring, Jake Paul and Ben Askren have started swinging at each other on social media. Recently, Jake Paul leaked virginity DMs to Ben Askren’s surface online.

In a series of DM leaked by Ben Askren, his fight led to two classes of fighters. Sparkiness comes naturally to Jake Paul. Ben Askren will have to do his best to not let the 24-year-old get under his skin.

Jake Paul fired at Ben Askren, mentioning his wife Amy.

“I guess you lost your virginity to Amy as well.”

Jake Paul and Ben Askren square off leaked virginity DMs

“Hey, Jake seriously were you even trying against Ben? That was pathetic. Hope you try a little bit harder in our fight.”

By starting a conversation with Jake Paul, Ben Askren fights DM’s quarrel.

Jake Paul stated with a sharp statement that Ben Askren suffers from brain damage. From his fight with Ben Darmstadt, Jake Paul tries to explain how he casts out Nate Robinson.

He then asked Ben Askren to “teach children how to dummies.”


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Jake Paul didn’t hold anything back while disarming Ben Askren, calling him a C * CK magnet and telling how he knocked in five seconds. Ben Askren had the last word.

You left here to give up in our fight. You don’t have heart Please do not back down from our fight.

If both can feature Ferocity here in the ring, fans are in a hell of a frenzy.

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