Jake Paul Lil Nas X HookUp Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram

Jake Paul Lil Nas X HookUp Video: In the latest TikTok video, Jake Paul claimed that he hooked up with Lil Nas X. He made into headlines after he acknowledge some of his past “faults” through video.

The YouTuber left everyone shocked when Paul cited “fired by Disney”, “raided by the FBI” and “jumped by Floyd Mayweather” as some of his faults before referring to his fake marriage to Tana Mongeau and hooking up with rapper Lil Nas X. listed in.

After the vide published within few hours video have crossed more than two million views. Where the video start cutting off after mentioning Lil Nas X. According to his past, his name never linked to rapper Lil Nas X.

Jake Paul follows rapper “Industry Baby”, It’s Not Reciprocal and doesn’t follow Lil Nas X Paul. The video has been uploaded on Def Noddles Instagram handle.

The video shows a Jake Paul doing his daily day to day activities as he suddenly remembers the events of his past and the reality that he should not appreciate.

Jake Paul Lil Nas X HookUp TikTok Video


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Fans are shocked after watching the video. The comments section has a lot of fans commenting about the validity of Jake Paul’s claim. Some fans enjoyed the video while others took issue with Jake Paul calling Tana Mongeau “a sloth”.

As we all know, Tana and Jake made false marriage news in 2019. However, after some time, Jake Paul revealed that the whole thing was fake.

On the other hand, it is not yet confirmed whether Jake and Lil Nas were in X’s relationship or not. Fans are curious to know more about Jake and Lil Nas X’s relationship!

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