James Charles and Asian Doll Fight Over Makeup Artist Fees

James Charles and Asian Doll: James Charles has been engulfed in flames online recently after replying the recent tweet of rapper Jermaisa “Asian Doll”. Recently, Allen’s tweet involving makeup artists became backfiring.

ย Following this popular Asian Doll tweet, the entire fiasco after James Charles took over recently came from the Twitter exchange, which both did online.

In her recent post, the rapper claimed about the makeup artist and said that anyone charging more than $ 150 to do makeup “can go to hell respectfully.” This provoked a backlash from makeup magnates, who called it “a silly tweet”:

Subsequently, Asian Doll made a very strong rebuttal, mocking his “ghostly makeup look” in Hollywood. After a few exchange between both of them, it became the centre of the discussion on Twitter. Several fans support their favourite celebrity and come with several memes about this context.

James Charles and Asian Doll Fight Over Makeup Artist Fees

James Charles is one of the popular celebrity makeup artists who is popular for his makeup skill on several platforms online.

From Kylie Jenner to Lil Nas X, he has collaborated with many celebrities due to his makeup look. By earning a name for himself on platforms Including YouTube and TikTok, he has capable to garnered millions of followers.

While he has no doubt about the skills he possesses as a makeup artist, he seems to have raised controversies to continue the feud that appears to have raised the feud of the online community.

In the wake of YouTuber’s recent feud with the popular rapper, there was a field day on Twitter, calling him via message and post. Check out some of the memes below.

James Charles and Asian Doll

Some of these tweets alleged that James Charles is a racist, an allegation often levelled against him at a level of the questionable tweet.

Asian Doll made headlines when she became the first female artist to be signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records. Since then, she has had a stellar chase, which recently came in full support of the rapper in this feud.

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While her tweet is in itself a subject of debate, the involvement of James Charles has given rise to a backlash and triggered an entirely new conversation.



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