James Charles Bald Cap Leaked Video Viral On Twitter With Instant Meme


Beauty sensation and internet celebrity James Charles has clearly decided to be bald, and Twitter fans might not get enough of it. Check out the full article about James Charles Bald Cap recent appearance.

James Charles Bald Cap Appearance

The 21-year-old makeup artist recently shocked fans after being caught by Paparazzi with her new bald look. Charles is well known for often experimenting with his hair from time to time, James Charles has a look without his trademark mane that fans are sure to take a while.

As word spread around that James Charles had opted to go bald, Twitter abounded with many reactions, as users immediately began to recall the situation.

Fans Share Hilarious Memes As James Charles Goes Bald.

James Charles was recently stopped by Paparazzi while getting out of his car. To surprise everyone, he emerged with a new, bold look.

Talking to him about the same, he proudly showed his new look and said to paparazzi:

“Just trying something new, do you like it? This is going to be my new look!”

He showed a new look a few hours ago on his Instagram story, where he cleverly used a filter to cover his head.

This soon led to speculation as to what his next look might be. According to his recent public appearance, he appears to have been decided to go the bald route.

With vigorous publicity on social media to churn out quality memes, James Charles soon became a living meme, courtesy of his stunning bald look:

While his bald look has led to a mixed reception, fans should not be too worried as it is most likely that a James Charles bald cap, as the tweet which is publishes by some users that indicate wrinkles on his skull.

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Fake or not, James Charles once again in headlines, in a completely new bald form.



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