James Charles Dua Lipa Similar picture Uses On Albanian website On Article


An Albanian website published an article about Dua Lipa, and in the process, they used a photo of James Charles, which looks like a Dua Lipa.

Spotify was the subject for an Albanian website that published an article on Dua Lipa. The article is like any other in terms of content, but what sets it apart is the feature image used on the site. Rather than being the actual image of Dua Lipa, the site confused James Charles instead of the singer.


Although the blame is a bit funny, the two cannot be blamed solely for understanding each other. In short, the photo they used of James Charles is from when he chose to make himself exclusively as Dua Lipa.


James Charles made himself look like Dua Lipa in his own video

Exactly a year ago, in February 2020, Charles released a video of him doing his make-up and the singer was wearing a wig to look like Dua Lipa.

In his video description, he addressed what fans have said about the two of them for some time:

“In today’s video, I decided to finally address the rumors… I am NOT Dua Lipa. Although we do look like twins, hahaha! After thousands of tweets and comments saying we look alike, I finally sat down to transform myself into the iconic New Rules & Don’t Start Now singer.”

The final result of the video, of course, is what the Albanian site called Indeksonline confuses for Dua Lipa. The two look incredibly similar after James Charles is done with his makeovers, and it’s easy to see how one can confuse them.

In addition to changes based on Dua Lipa, James Charles has recently taken more prank-like videos. This time, he went out in public with a bald cap and played it as if he had actually shaved off all his hair. Some fans believed the prank, and many asked it to be fake.

Regardless, James Charles was recently at a ski resort and took an Instagram selfie while living there. He had no idea, his hair was clinging to his hat, and it was clear that the bald prank was no longer going to work.

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Like the Dua makeover, the bald-haired prank will get his own video for fans of James Charles.


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