James Charles Grooming Allegations Exposes By 15-year-old For Allegedly Messaging Him

The ongoing James Charles Grooming saga has received a shocking new twist in the story. Yet another 15-year-old boy recently surfaced and accused James Charles of messaging him. Her is the full update about James Charles Grooming Allegations.

The 21-year-old beauty influencer and internet celebrity have been embroiled in the midst of a social media storm ever since allegations were made against her by several minors.

As per the latest news, a 15-year-old TikToker name Jake Cherry shared a clip in which he shared screenshots of his conversation with James Charles on Snapchat.

As per the leaked screenshot, James appeared annoyed at the fact that his photos were being shared by the boy in his personal story.

His anger was evident in a special message where he became extremely defensive and broke down on the boy:

“I strongly recommend that you keep my name out of your mouth or we’re going to have a major problem I’d love to remind you that you were the one that called me cute and said you were bisexual and into me'”

As per the message shared on Snapchat, the boy is 16 years old:

In leaked screenshots that have surfaced online, James Charles has also accused him of lying and using his age as “bait”.

In light of this recent development, the “James Charles Groomer” debate once again took to Twitter.

Twitter calls James Charles grooming allegations as leaked screenshots expose him for allegedly messaging yet another 15-year-old minor

Two months earlier, it was 16-year-old Isaiah who first accused James Charles of forcing him to send lewd pictures of himself.

His statement did little to mitigate simmering discontent, as scores of Twitter users continued to call him out on his recurring and problematic patterns of behaviour like predators.

The growing backlash ended up casting a shadow over his collaboration with Chipotle and seems to have been a major catalyst in the recent removal of his own show on YouTube’s “Instant Influencer”.

His charges paved the way for many more minors, who came across to accuse James of predatory behaviour, pedophilia and grooming.

In the face of severe backlash, James had repeatedly denied all these allegations and even said that he would ask for the ID or passport of every person with whom he had a conversation.

In response to the alleged exchange with the 15-year-old Ticketaker, Ethan Klein, who has been one of James Charles’ most outspoken critics, recently took to Twitter to take him on:

Several other Twitter users also echoed her sentiments in her response below, as she urged YouTube to take action against her:

With dissatisfaction up to fiery levels, it seems that this explosive new charge maybe just the last straw for a large section of the online community.

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Following the cancellation of fellow YouTuber David Dobrik, a large number of users want James Charles to meet the same fate, as well as more and more skeletons continue to move out of their closet with each passing day.


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