James Charles Grooming Screenshots Leaked Video With 16-year-old Fan Viral On Twitter


James Charles further denied the allegations of “grooming” after grooming screenshots leaked Video trending on Twitter. Rumours began following a TikTok video that led to her cancellation. Here is the full update.

Twitter started trending with the popular influencer James Charles after people came forward to accuse him. The allegations split social media. Some were seen questioning James, while others defended him. Here is a look at what really happened.


James Charles Grooming Screenshots Leaked Video Explained:

James trended on Twitter after a TikTok user accused Beauty influencer of being a groomer and pedophile in a video uploaded. A user named Isiayah posted a TikTok video which is a combination of screenshots of his alleged conversation with James.

Isiayah claimed that James, despite being 16 years old, was constantly asking to know that he had also posted screenshots of some of the conversations he had with James. It was only a thing of seconds that James was trending all over Twitter. Many people were in a hurry to cancel it for the same.

However, the whole internet was divided into two-part. Some of the fans of James suggested that he had been the victim of false accusations in the past and hinted that it could be one of them. While on the other side, others began to support Ishiya.

James Charles Denies Grooming Allegations:

After several people tried to revoke James on Twitter, he came forward put his side of the point of view and denied all the allegations. “There is a video running around me on TikTok and on Twitter, I am being called a groom and I want to address it immediately. The conversation I have prepared this person for is completely wrong.

James alleged that he came to Isiayah’s Instagram page via the Explore option on the site. He finds out that Isiayah followed him, and so James decides to add him on Snapchat. The content creator claimed that he had received a ton of messages from Isiayah and some of them were “unsightly photos”.

At this point, James asks Isiayah how old he was. Isiayah reportedly stated that he was 18 years old. Hearing this, James decided to continue flirting. However, James finds out once Isiayah was 16 years old and lied about his age. Following this, he ecided to unfriend him.

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Concluding his post, he wrote, “I am not blaming him or victimizing myself, just sharing what happened, and what happened was not right. After such false accusations in the past, I never deliberately connected with anyone and put my life in the line for some Snapchat. Because of this kind of situation, instead of taking someone’s word for it, I am now looking at every person’s ID or passport. Will ask to see who I have a conversation with. “



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