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YouTuber and TikToker James Charles have made a comeback on Twitter from their social media heights, as several allegations of violent behavior towards teenage boys have been made public. James Charles posted a video on Twitter on May 11 discussing ongoing lawsuits between him and the former producer, working with him for about 6 months and then leaving other YouTubers. Here is the full update about James Charles lawsuit ex-employee video.

James Charles well-known name on YouTube was recently accused of displaying predatory behavior towards teenage boys. After remaining silent for a long, James Charles decided to issue a statement and begin his social media hiatus on 16 April so that he could “seek the help of professionals”. Since then, he has not posted any videos on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.


James Charles lawsuit ex-employee Video

According to a recent Twitter video posted by James Charles, one of his former producers filed a lawsuit claiming that he was “wrongly terminated” and “underpaid”, alleging that James was untrue. claims that. The trial has been going on for two years and is worth “hundreds of thousands of dollars”. James never said publicly about the lawsuit, as he said he wanted to “keep it private for his honor.” However, due to recent negative feedback, he felt as if his former employers were adding to that position. James said,


“The situation I was in is being taken advantage of and I feel as though I am being blackmailed”.

James’ recent allegations leveled against him, James said that he thinks the kind of experiment is being used against him in the lawsuit.

James Charles reaction to mysterious Tweet

A tweet publicly using the N-word surfaced a few days ago on James’ old Twitter account. Several users upset and called him out for his racist tweet. According to the video, James claims that his old Twitter account was hacked, that he would never tweet that word.

James said that he thinks his former employee may have had something to do with the tweet. He mentioned that he and his lawyer were doing some work against the situation. James said,

“I have never ever paid anyone to speak or to not speak about me”.

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After the video surfaced, many in the comments were criticizing James and his statement. Due to James’s recent accusations, his audience was not receptive or sympathetic to his ongoing situation. From the allegations to the mysterious N-Word tweet, James has been called out by many in the trial.



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