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After fans were stunned by her recent bald look, beauty guru and internet celebrity James Charles made another blast by sharing a pregnant photo of his self on his official Instagram handle.

James Charles Pregnant Photo Viral On Interent

Beauty Mogul, 21 years old, recently took to Instagram to share a picture of herself, naked, with a naked baby bump.

The caption appears to have been inspired by Halsey’s recent pregnancy announcement, as James Charles titled it on caption “Surprise”:


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Within a few seconds of posting, there was a disappointment among her fans, as she desperately tried to find out the truth behind her apparent pregnancy.

However, they soon managed to breathe a sigh of relief. Turns out, the viral pregnancy picture was just an experiment on his part to promote his latest YouTube video, in which he mimicked the life of a pregnant woman during 24 hours.

In the video, he featured his close friend Laura Mellado, the latest YouTube video of James Charles steps on her in the shoes of a pregnant woman.

Keeping the public sentiment in mind, he also attaches a disclaimer to her video and unveiled that a portion of the video’s proceeds will be donated to help pregnant women.

The viral video has collected more than 3 million views so far, with her viral pregnancy photo shock throughout the industry.

As a result of his latest publicity stunt, Twitter was quickly awash with a pile of reactions as fans reacted to James Charles being “pregnant”.

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Is James Charles Pregnancy Photo Fake? Twitter reacts to the truth behind his viral picture

Recently, James Charles was trending on social media for his recent bald looks, which immediately became the talk of the town.

Although many people allege that he is wearing only a bald cap, he keeps on playing from time to time.

From being subjected to a memorable show to indulging themselves in degrading humour, celebrity makeup artists are definitely attracting everyone’s attention.

Barely had adjusted his fans to her bald look, that he decided to do another big surprise on him, courtesy of her conception, which soon invited a bunch of online responses.

Check out some of the reactions to James Charles pregnant photo, most of which were in the form of hilarious memes:

ย With online responses coming in, James Charles continues to find himself on the trending page, courtesy of a series of viral photos.



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