James Charles Snapchat DM Sixth Minor Messages Picture Trends On Twitter


As the day passing, more and more skeletons continue to move out of James Charles’ closet. A few days after 15-year-old Jake Cherry leaked screenshots of his DM with James Charles, a 16-year-old minor has surfaced with a clip exposing YouTuber for exchanging inappropriate messages with him. Here are the full updates about James Charles Snapchat DM Sixth Minor Messages.

The TikTok under consideration is believed to be a 16-year-old boy known as Alex Emami.


As per the short clip of a series of messages between him and James Charles can be seen flashing across the screen on Snapchat.

Commentary YouTuber Dennis “DefNoodles” Feitosa took to Twitter to highlight inappropriate messages that James Charles allegedly shared with the minor.

Messages are highly inappropriate, from sharing your shirtless self-portraits to asking the boy to do so.

Several Twitter users unitedly issued a clarion call for James Charles’s cancellation.

The James Charles drama intensifies after yet another victim exposes him for allegedly inappropriate behaviour

The 21-year-old popular beauty influencer has been embroiled in the midst of a raging social media storm since February 2021. He was accused of predatory behaviour, pedophilia and being framed by several victims.

He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing on his part and has been known about his business since being unaffected by the increasing backlash.

However, it has become practically impossible for the online community to turn a blind eye to more victims coming forward.

So far, beauty influencer has been accused of allegedly inappropriate exchanges with six minors.

In response to a recent TikTok story of the alleged victim, several Twitter users pulled James Charles.

Here are some reactions on Twitter about James Charles Snapchat DM Sixth Minor Messages leaked:

As devastating evidence piles up, James Charles finds himself walking on thin ice. Their dubious history invites the wrath of the cancelled culture crowd.

Ever since fellow YouTuber David Dobrik was revoked following allegations of sexual harassment, the Internet has put James Charles in line. Netizens believe it has done more than enough to abort.

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Although he is meant to answer a recent set of accusations, the odds against James Charles certainly seem stacked.



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