Janemena And Kpokpogri Leaked Video Tape Audio Leaves Twitter Scandalized

Janemena And Kpokpogri Leaked Audio Video Tape: Tonto Dikeh has stated that her ex-lover, Kpokpogri, still has the recording of their personal sessions with Jane Mena, and the politician has apologised to the dancer’s husband and family on Instagram. It appears that everything took a new turn on Saturday, October 17th. Gistlover, a controversial IG site, has recorded audio of Kpokpogri admitting to sleeping with Jane on many occasions.

Janemena And Kpokpogri Leaked Video

Prince Kpokpogri’s voice message has been published, purportedly indicating that he had sex with Janemena when she was married. She claimed in her lawsuit that, based on Tonto’s comments, she had sex with Kpokpogri as a married lady recently, and that he had her physical film and may use it to blackmail her at any time. Politicians have also confessed that they had had a number of nasty personal sessions.

Tonto responded to the lawsuit by revealing that a sex tape existed and that Jane had secretly pleaded with her to save her marriage.

A back-and-forth ensued, with Jane challenging Tonto to disclose the claimed audio and claiming that she never pleaded with the Nollywood actress to save her marriage, instead speaking to a friend named Doris.

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Janemena Husband

He went on to say that Jane had told him that her husband is unable to satisfy her in ways that he can do to her, and that they used to sleep with themselves from morning to evening, and that if they became weary, they would rest and resume their routine later. He went on to say that it was Jane who married her husband, not the other way around.

People have been sharing their thoughts on the matter as word of his recording and video spread quickly. It appears that this is something that should not be shared with the public; rather, it should be loved privately by the parties. By doing so, he has demonstrated that he has no intention of solving anything.

In the leaked video, they are discussing about their personal lives on a public platform, and history has shown that such situations do not end well unless the parties handle them maturely in private. However, the case appears to be already in the public domain, which will add to the drama, and we will be on the lookout for more information as the storey develops in the coming days.


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