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Jawed Habib Spitting Video on a Woman Head While Styling her Hair Viral on Social Media

Jawed Habib Spitting Video: After a video of him spitting on a woman’s head went viral, hairstylist Jawed Habib found himself in hot trouble. Habib was criticized by social media users and was charged by the National Commission for Women.

Jawed Habib Spitting On Woman Head Viral on Social Media

In the viral video, Habib can be seen spitting on the woman’s hair while she sits with her back to him in the footage. While spitting on the girl head’s he said, ‘If you don’t have water…this spit has life”.

After getting lot of hate and criticism, through a video message, Jawed Habib has apologized for his actions. “These are professional workshops,” he explained, “in the sense that they are attended by people from our profession.” We have to make these sessions funny when they grow too long.” “I sorry from the bottom of my heart,” Habib added. Please pardon me.”

The hairstylist was seen spitting on Pooja Gupta, who owns a beauty salon, in the footage that sparked outrage. The event occurred in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, during a training session. In the video, he is seen combing a woman’s hair and telling participants to pay close attention to him. He continues by saying that if water is scarce, the hairdresser can use his spit. He spits into the woman’s hair at the same moment. “Is thuk mein jaan hain,” he says when the audience reacts.

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Meanwhile, Pooja Gupta has released another video in which she claims that Habib humiliated her throughout the session. “So here’s the deal with the #JavedHabib spit fiasco: When Puja Gupta asked him a question during his seminar, Habib seemed rude, telling her that he has 900 salons while she owns only one. He then called her on stage and spit in her hair to further humiliate her.”

The event has been reported to the National Commission for Women, according to a tweet. “The event has been reported to @NCWIndia. @sharmarekha, the chairperson, has written to @dgpup, requesting that they examine the truth of this viral video quickly and take appropriate action. “At the earliest opportunity, the Commission must be informed of the measures taken,” they added.

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