Jeff Wittek Denies Durte Dom Alcohol Allegations And Deleted Video From His Channel

The Members of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad have recently come under fire following allegations of sexual harassment during the Dure Dome. Durte Dom and other members of the team are accused of sexual harassment, force minors to consume alcohol, and are physically alleged by multiple victims. Here are the full updates about Jeff Wittek Denies Durte Dom alcohol allegations.

Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek has since released a 20+ minute statement detailing his involvement in the incident and how his version of events turned out.

Jeff Wittek denies Involvement in Durte Dom Alcohol Allegations

In a long statement, Jeff Wittek said he and David Dobrik were both under the impression that the women involved in this threesome agreed to participate in the event.

In response to Durte Dom’s message inviting the women for a threesome, Wittek said the two were not aware of the reality of the situation until much later.

He also pointed out that it was claimed by Trisha Paytas that he had supplied alcohol to younger women to “loosen them up” which was a complete lie. He said he is in contact with Insider, who initially publicized the claims of one of the women involved in the night. He said that he had nothing to do with the supply of alcohol.

Jeff Wittek tries to clear its name from the Durte Dome incident did not convince the Internet. Users said that Vittek’s claims of not being involved are as volatile as the victims and Trisha Petas, who was a key witness, was personally named in the incidents that transpired.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:

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As the situation continues to develop, more vlog Squad members are coming forward to share their experiences in an effort to clear their names. Meanwhile, David Dobrik’s sponsors have started making deals with him following allegations of Durte Dome.


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