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Jose Canseco Fight Knockout Memes Flood The Internet As Major Leaguer gets knocked out in 10 seconds


Jose Canseco Fight Knockout: Former baseball star and famed power hitter Jose Canseco is trending worldwide after being knockout by “Billy Football” a 22-year-old barstool intern. The 56-year-old power hitter recently took on Billy Football in the main event of “Rough N Rowdy”, an amateur boxing event which was organized by popular media company Barstool Sports.

After indulging in trash-talking on Twitter, people are expecting much from Jose Canseco’s comeback into the world of combat sports again, only for it to fizzle out before it could even materialize into something worthwhile.


 The former Major Leaguer, who is known for his unprecedented striking ability, gained himself this time. A relentless accusation led to Billy Football’s early exit in his bout, dismissing him early.

Shortly thereafter word was received that the Cuban-American had been knocked out in about ten seconds, with Twitter abounding with a plethora of memes. He mocked King’s disastrous return to combat the game.


Jose Canseco FIght Knockout Memes Flood The Internet

As per the paper, Jose Canseco clearly dominated his much smaller rival in height and weight, it was the latter who had the last laugh. The official description of the Rough n Rowdy incident stated, “The world’s wildest amateur fighters, with no defence, throw haymakers,” which was quite evident in the first 10 seconds of the bout.

Despite having no much training experience, Billy Football’s confidence was undoubtedly high in the bout. Hours ago, he promised to shock Jose Canseco and the world. And boy, did he deliver!

Within ten seconds of his boxing, the Havana native was sent to the floor in a hurricane of assault from his speedy, petty rival, and after that he simply could not recover.

As he gripped his shoulder, Canseco cited a persistent shoulder injury 3-4 months ago as an obvious excuse.

Returning to a sharp circle with the former Oakland athletics legend proving largely out of touch, he soon became the target of hilarious memes online. Check out some of the memes below.

 As the memes continue to get thicker and faster, it seems that Jose Canseco’s fascination with taking over the feudal has proved costly.

Recently, he was in discussion for calling out the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan, and his father, Greg Paul.

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Jose’s daughter Josie Logan is believed to have been dating Paul, and she recently condemned her father’s late shameful behaviour.

 With the turmoil in his professional and personal life, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for Jose Kenneso as he regenerates from KO’s influence at the hands of Billy Football.




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