Jschlatt on CallMeCarson Grooming Allegations: CallMeCarson suffers from Impostor Syndrome


Jschlatt on CallMeCarson Grooming Allegations: The popular YouTuber and streamer Jschlatt recently revealing the truth on the grooming allegations against “CallMeCarson”. Carson is one of the closest friends and continuously collaborator with Jschatt.

 AS per the recent video, the 21 years old revealed the shocking condition of CallMeCarson in brief. He recently took his Twitter account and said, “YouTuber and popular streamer CallMeCarson was reportedly suffering from Imposter Syndrome and depression in last 2020.


Jschlatt clarified that he does not in any way condoned any action of Carson, including underage fans having sexting. The 21-year-old revealed that he tried his best to help his friend for several months but to no avail.

Jschlatt also condemned CallMeCarson’s unfair actions and also expect that he hoped that he “is in dire need”. After the video has been released on YouTube most of the fans praising him for opened the real truth in a balanced way. Check out the video below.

Jschlatt on CallMeCarson Grooming Allegations

In the recent video, Jschlatt addressed the recent condition of entire CallMeCarson overall situation in brief. He starts his video by a statement about the bond with each other that they shared in last 2020.

He said that in late March, Carson informed some of the team members of The Lunch Club and his close friends that he was had sexting with his fans. It included an admission that Carson exchanged photos with him when he was 19, and he was embarrassed for what he did. Jschlatt also reported that in early 2020, Carson was going through an extreme period of depression.

Here is the official statement, ‘In early 2020 Carson was at the lowest point of his life. He was very depressed. I knew he was battling Impost Syndrome when it came to YouTube and social media. I will talk on the phone with them all the time, worry, mental health and what this job means.’

“We saw an even greater decline in Carson’s mental health, and it was at this point that we really thought his life might be in danger, and that’s why I felt like I needed to be there, and I was with him. Trapped.”

Further Jschlatt explained that He and one of his friend give all the effort to offer him right guidance and support over the next few days even they took him to a therapist. CallMeCarson might be heading towards a “dangerous place.” At the end he clear on the statement that he never ever supported him for this kind of actions Who were often his close friends, seeing that they would shine.

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Jschlatt ends his video by stating that he has cut ties with CallMeCarson, and expect to get the all kind of help which he so needs. For this surprising revelation, most of the fans have continuously praised their effort which they took while CallMeCrson on depression phase last year. Check out some of the reactions below.

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After the video of Jschlatt’s heartfelt video, the whole incident of CallMeCarson situation turns into some other path and brings a new light without jumping to severe conclusions. Although his struggles with imposter syndrome ‘depression’ have by no means absent him from his inappropriate actions, fans will undoubtedly expect that he wants medical help to improve himself. Comment down below what are your reaction Jschlatt on CallMeCarson Grooming Allegations.



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