Kaceytron Dream Thread Video Drama Explained, Users Reacts On Twitter

Fans of Kaceytron and Dream’s have been arguing on Twitter for the past few days. If you’re confused, check out the drama unfolding about Kaceytron dream thread video on social media here.

The drama between the fans of Kaceytron and Dream began on March 19 and has been going on ever since. If you were active on Twitter on March 23, you definitely have noticed that “Kacey” was trending. It seems that the drama between them is not over yet. However, here is a look at everything that has happened so far.


The play began on March 19, when Kaceytron tweeted that his favourite content creators about “Stan” could not be held responsible for their actions, while also criticizing others for their actions. Her tweet reads: “Anyway, OMG it’s so baseless when my fav makes a gay batter in every other joke but cancels this person out for breath.”

His tweet attracts a lot of users on Twitter to dig up old videos and tweets made by Kacey. However, she claimed that the tweet was being used as “evidence”. The drama continued when people alleged that Kacey said the N-word in an old video. She made it clear in a tweet that she read: “I have a clip of surfacing where it says like I’m saying the N-word.” I completely understand that it is as if I am saying it. However, I am not. This is not the first time in history when someone has said something that started with an “N” and is mistaken as an N-word.

On March 21, she tweeted a lengthy post on her social handle account, which we’re trying to cancel. She said: “As a result of the action taken by me, hundreds of people in the MC community were literally digging things out 7 years ago without any reference and trying to weaponize it against me because I said something they thought That is specifically about Dream and George. Cancelling makes culture truly a weapon. ”

She went on to clarify all the allegations levelled against her. You can check out the official statement here.


On March 22, Dream broke his silence about the ongoing drama online. He said: “Some people take some things as the hatred that does not hate. I condemn all hatred for anyone, on anyone, I hate any and all. But I think Some people take things that haters don’t like, like hatred, it depends on personality. ”

He stated: “I have seen people say terrible things, I have seen people feel threatened. It happens to every community since the beginning of time, but it is terrible to see.”

Unfortunately, Dream’s words did not matter. Kacey continued to flush out the “stans” who have been criticizing him online. In a tweet, he said: “I’m sorry, but if you all expect me to apologize to a community that bothers me and continues to call me” racist “and” homophobic “by those things, To which they refuse to refer… ”.

Shee further said, “The reference that they will still refuse to read because it is not about holding people” accountable “is about making weapons to children who cancel. ”

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Kacey and Dream did not say anything after this. However, social media users are still talking about the play.


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