King Of Kpop 2022, Who Is The King Of Kpop In 2022?

Fans from all over the world vote on who will be King of Kpop in 2022. There are many online polls that try to figure out who the King of K-pop is.

But it’s not easy to be named the “King of K-pop” because there are so many K-pop idols who are debuting, about to debut, or promoting right now.

When K-pop idol is training, they work on rapping, dancing, singing, being charismatic, and performing. Everyone’s goal is to become the best at one of these things.

Read the article below to learn about the King of Kpop in 2022. The list below is based on how popular he is, which can be seen on many social media sites by the number of times his name is mentioned or content about him is viewed, as well as how well he did in different fan polls.

Who is The King of Kpop 2022: List of Top 10 Kings of Kpop

Ranking Kpop Idols
1 Jimin
2 Cha Eun Woo
3 Jungkook
4 Yunho
5 Donghae
6 G-Dragon
7 Changmin
8 Jung Yong Hwa
9 Jin
10 Taemin


BTS vocalist Jimin is crowned the King Of Kpop title. Jimin has achieved immense fame in South Korea and around the world since his debut as a member of BTS. He is the most popular BTS member in the world. Big Hit Entertainment released his first single featuring him in 2013 when he first appeared as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS. Jimin has been a part of BTS since its debut on June 13, 2013, and he is the group’s main vocalist and dancer. Over the years, he has shown exceptional talent in his work, and fans have grown to know his character and appreciate the type of guy he is. As a result, his popularity has only grown with each passing year, as he continues to reveal aspects of himself that captivate new followers.

Cha Eun Woo

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Lee Dong Min, as Cha Eun Woo, is a member of the boy band Astro and a singer, actor, and model. Acting is what made him famous, and his good looks helped make him a huge success in the movie business. My Brilliant Life marked Cha’s cinematic debut, in which he played a small role. He has done several endorsements, and he is now the brand ambassador for Penshoppe internationally and for Burberry beginning in July 2021. In April 2021, Forbes Korea Power Celebrity ranked Cha 17th overall and sixth in the SNS category. In addition to his musical talents, he is also well-known for his dancing and singing.


Golden maknae of the successful boy band BTS and all-around talented musician Jeon Jungkook. On September 1, 1997, he entered the world. When he was younger, Jungkook wanted to be a badminton player, but after witnessing G-Dragon perform “Heartbreaker” on television, he decided he preferred to be a singer. Every time he is spotted with a new project, it sells out within an hour and it gives him the nickname “sold out king.”

Jungkook went out for the South Korean talent show Superstar K, and as a result, he received seven casting offers before joining BigHit Entertainment’s trainee program. BigHit Entertainment was the beginning of his incredible success, and he made the decision to sign with the company after meeting RM, the leader of the band BTS and a future bandmate of his. A new BTS-inspired webtoon, 7Fates: Chakho, was released in February 2022, and Jungkook performed the vocals for the music. Apart from that, the song, “Stay Alive,” was written by Jungkook and produced by Suga, another member of BTS. It debuted at number 95 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Jung Yun-ho, better known by his stage name U-Know Yunho, is a singer-songwriter, actor, and member of the pop group TVXQ. He is also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho. Yunho’s boyhood ambition was to become a prosecutor, which was consistent with the careers of other members of his family who had worked in the legal business. When he was in middle school, he and a few other classmates established a dance team called A+. Together, they participated in many different dance competitions across the country. Next to his success at the first annual SM Best Competition in 1999, Yunho got a contract with S.M. Entertainment the following year and began his formal training the following year in 2001. In 2003, he became a member of TVXQ and eventually became the band’s leader. In addition to that, he has been known to play supporting roles occasionally on television shows.


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Lee Dong-hae, better known by his stage name Donghae, is a musician, songwriter, composer, and actor from South Korea. The 15th of October, 1986 was the day he was born. After taking first place in SM’s Youth Best Contest in the year 2001, he was offered a training position with SM Entertainment. Donghae, a member of the boy group Super Junior, made his debut in November 2005 after undergoing training for a total of four years. Since that time, he has been more well-known as a result of the group’s accomplishments in the Asian music scene.

Donghae has also taken part in the activities of the group’s project groups, which include Super Junior-M and Super Junior-D&E. He is one of the first four Korean painters to be included on Chinese postage stamps, making him one of the leaders in this field. Aside from that, he has performed in a number of acting roles, all of which have contributed to his growing popularity. SM Entertainment made the announcement that Lee Dong-hae would be enlisting in the military as a conscripted policeman on October 15, 2015, on September 2, 2015.


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Kwon Ji-yong, better known as G-Dragon, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer who has been crowned the “King of Kpop.”

G-Dragon was born and raised in the South Korean capital of Seoul. He made his debut in 2006 and rose to fame as the leader of the South Korean boy band Big Bang, which went on to become one of the world’s best-selling boy bands.

He has received multiple prizes, including seven Mnet Asian Music Awards, six Melon Music Awards, two Korean Music Awards, two Golden Disc Awards, and two MBC Entertainment Awards. Furthermore, in 2013, he was the first and only solo artist to get the Mnet Asian Music Award for Artist of the Year.


On February 18, 1988, Shim Chang-min entered the world. He was born to a Buddhist family in Seoul, South Korea. Max Changmin, better known as Max or simply as Max, is a member of the South Korean musical group TVXQ as well as a singer, songwriter, and actor. When Changmin was only 14 years old, a talent agent from SM Entertainment saw him. First appearing in public in December 2003, he was the group’s youngest member at the time of his debut. After taking home first place in both the Best Singer and Best Artist categories at S.M.’s 6th Annual Youth Best Contest, Changmin signed with the label.

Jung Yong Hwa

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Jung Yong-Hwa is a South Korean actor, musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He is well known for his work in the entertainment industry with a huge fan base. He is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for CNBLUE, in addition to being the band’s leader. It was in the 2009 episode of You’re Beautiful that Jung made his debut on television. Since then, he has appeared on screen in the episodes Heartstrings (2011), Marry Him If You Dare (2013), The Three Musketeers (2014), and The Package (2015). (2017). In terms of his musical career, Jung made his debut as a solo artist in 2015 with the album One Fine Day.


South Korean citizen Kim Seok-jin entered the world on December 4, 1992, in the city of Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province. His stage name is Jin, and he is a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS. Between 2016 and 2018, Kim hosted several different South Korean music shows.

As a solo artist, Kim has written and released three songs with BTS that have all charted on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart: “Awake” in 2016, “Epiphany” in 2018, and “Moon” in 2020. In 2018, he and the other members of BTS were honored by the President of South Korea with the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit for their contributions to Korean culture.


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Taemin, whose real name is Lee Tae-min, is a performer from South Korea who is active in the music, acting, and dancing industries. He came into the world on July 18th, 1993. In May of 2008, he made his debut as a member of the boy band Shinee, and in 2019, he made his debut as a member of the supergroup SuperM, both of which are signed to SM Entertainment. Since then, various media sites have referred to him as the “Idol’s Idol.”

Ace was Lee’s first extended play (EP), which he released in 2014, marking the beginning of his career as a solo artist. It reached its highest position at number one on the Gaon Album Chart in South Korea. In addition to this, Lee made his debut as a solo artist in Japan in July of 2016, when the Sayonara Hitori EP, which was his second EP, was released. His first job as an actor was in the 2009 MBC comedy Tae-Hee, Hye-Kyo, Ji-Hyun, in which he played the character Junsu.

This is all about the list of Top 10 King of Kpop idols in 2022. We hope you like it. Stay tuned with Trendy Kendy for more latest updates and news.


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