Kirk Franklin Leaked Son Audio Recording issues an apology After Kerrion Leaka Audio Of Him

Kirk Franklin shared an apology video on his social handle detailing the background and details of a video after Kirk Franklin son audio recording leaked online by his son.

Kirk Franklin Cussing Son Audio Leaked Recording Apology Video

In about forgiveness, Kirk Franklin states that his son is 33 years old and up to this point they had a bad relationship. The brief that his son only recorded a bad part to make his father look bad Online. Kirk Franklin said the family doctor was on the line and his son was already very abusive.

Kirk Franklin also clears that they are all trying to work with the help of a physician.

The original video begins with a debate between Kirk Franklin himself and his son Kerion. Kirk Franklin is the first to speak in the video, but it is clear that he said something about his son.

The video began with Kirk Franklin saying:

“Okay, if you think I’m (Inaudible) let me say it like this: When yo’ b**** ass starts (inaudible) disrespectful, you need to get yo’ skinny mother f***ing ass back out the god damn way. Before I put my foot in yo ass–”

Kerrion interrupts and tells his father, “I dare you” several times, and “Shut the f *** up.”

This is the text that came with the original Instagram post:

“This is why I’m done. No father should speak to their children like this. If I have any issues it’s because Of this type of treatment that ii deal with behind closed doors. Hanging up in my face, No apology, no compassion, no effort. Stop telling me to go home to my family I don’t even know where they live. I don’t think I’ll ever trust my father to be alone around him ever again. I didn’t want to do this. I probably won’t release the entire recording because it’s too embarrassing that I’m even dealing with this. No matter what ppl think I pray my dad deals with his deep hatred toward me. I don’t feel safe around him at all. This recording is recent it is not from 2018 just to clarify. I’m going to learn from these experiences, live my life in peace and make beautiful art.”

The video ends with an audio recording with a beep and Kerian recording.

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