Kubra Dogan TikTok Roof Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram While Shooting a Video


Kubra Dogan TikTok Roof Video: Many influential people are losing their lives by doing dangerous stunts on social media platforms. There are a lot of rules and regulations used by the chief officers to prevent the deadliest incident like this. But still, such a case has come to the fore. Young people these days are risking their lives to become famous on the internet. Recently, a similar case has gone viral on social media where a Tik Tok star named Kubra climbed onto the roof with a family member named Helen.

Kubra Dogan full TikTok Roof Video trending on internet

Kubra Dogan TikTok Roof Video

Turkish Tik Tok star Kubra Dogan, 23, is climbing onto the terrace to catch a live sunset with her cousin. However, both the cousins record a kind of stunt video by climbing onto the roof but the roof sheet is unable to bear the weight of both of them and shatters.

The roof sheet fell down and unfortunately, Kubra was cut 50 meters deep and died at the same time. Her cousin who is 16 years old who is trying to help her but she died instantly. After this Kin Helen informs her family members and they immediately bring her hospital. But, it’s too late and Kubra lost her life.

At present, the postmortem of his body is being done and the report is yet to come. The whole incident is in the Esenyurt district of the Turkish province and the police are investigating the whole incident. A lot of people took their social media platforms and share their response.

There is not much information has been revealed about both the sisters. People are searching their videos on several social media platforms but there is not much information mention on the internet. This is not the first time when a TikTok creator trending on headlines. A few days back, another TikTok user makes a car stunt video but she suddenly died.

This is all about Kubra Dogan TikToker dies while filming a video. Stay tuned with Trendy Kendy for more latest updates and news.



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