Kuwadzana House Party Videos Viral Online: Kuwadzana $ex Party Culprits Arrested

Kuwadzana House Party Videos: Following a tip-off, police stormed a s*x party in Kuwadzana at midnight over the weekend. A flier for the party had been circulating on social media, and police officers apprehended sixteen persons, six women and ten males, on Saturday night, some of whom were caught in the act. Some of the s*x participants were apprehended by the police and sent to the Harare Magistrates Court, where they are being prosecuted with disorderly behaviour.

Kuwadzana House Party Videos

On Saturday, fifteen Harare citizens were arrested for participating in a s*x orgy at a private residence in Kuwadzana. The house’s owner, Reyn Mabva, 35, is charged with turning his home into a brothel, while the party’s organiser, Moleen “Empress Molly” Mashingaidze, is charged with disorderly behaviour along with the other attendees.

According to sources, two were freed on free bail yesterday and are being held till today. The Magistrate in charge of the case, Barbara Mateko, ordered the property owner, Reyn Mabva, to pay $3000 in bail. They were accused of soliciting clients for the purpose of prostitution, while Mabva was accused of turning the residence into a bordello.

According to reports, Thokozani Tshuma, 24, Loveness Zindi 34, Shylet Simba, Lucia Nyakutiswa 36, and Sithatisiwe Kufa, 21, were among the women arrested, while Luis Zvanhasi, 24, Daniel Divala 23, Munashe Masawi 25, Alexio Chibanda 41, Praisemore Makuni, 39, Paul Nhodza 35, Samuel Makore 37, Reyn Mabva.

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This party was promoted on a Whatsapp group starting on Thursday, October 14th, 2021, with each male participant being requested to spend $200 for toiletries and cond***, as well as $20 for a chance to have a close or physical relationship with all of the women in attendance.

During the raid, authorities allegedly discovered a plastic bag containing cocaine and US$85, which was thought to have been supplied or paid by the partygoers. The participants’ video tapes of them grieving in pleasure while creating intimate relationships became viral on social media, attracting the attention of users. The police became aware of the video after it became viral, and they began to investigate it. Users who watched the video chastised the owner for allowing such a thing to happen in his home and urged that all those involved be arrested.


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