Lana Rhoades Pregnant Leaked Video News Confirms Pregnancy, Fans react is Mike Majlak the Father

Popular American model Lana Rhoades recently shocked fans by revealing a bang about her alleged pregnancy. Fans are excited to watch Lana Rhoades bombshell Pregnant Leaked Video.

The former actress recently announces her pregnancy news to all the fans via Twitter to respond to a troll who accused her of using botox and possessing a “shiny plastic-looking forehead”.

In response, Lana Rhodes revealed that her bright-looking forehead was not due to Botox’s influence. Rather, it was the effect of “glow of pregnancy”:

Her recent revelation soon gained significant amounts of traction online internet where her fans are guessing who is the Father of Lana Rhoades child.

People online speculating that Lana Rhoades ex-boyfriend, YouTuber Mike Mazlak, has been in a relationship with her for some time. But a few months ago both Lana Rhoades and Mike Mazlak break up news trending on the internet.

After her sudden pregnancy revelation, Twitter was soon flooded with congratulatory messages.

Is Lana Rhoades Pregnant Leaked Video True? Lana Rhoades confirms Pregnancy News in a Recent Tweet

Lana Rhodes relationship with impulsive co-host Mike Mazlak received a significant portion of online coverage, with the two often seen in each other’s blogs and content.

Despite the whimsical nature of their relationship, fans were quite distraught when the couple decided to leave it for good in February.

In a recent appearance on The BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Lana Rhoades unveiled that the primary reason things ended revolved around Mike’s hesitation to move in with her.

After leaving the entertainment industry, the 24-year-old has been focused on expanding her YouTube career, where she currently has her own podcast, titled “3 Girls 1 Kitchen“, which has 978K subscribers.

After getting the news about her recent pregnancy revelation, Twitter users flocked continuously congratulate her through official handles and consider whether Mike was a father:

As the fan’s reactions to Lana’s pregnancy, it seems that Lana Rhodes may have leaked the news of her pregnancy online.

With curiosity reaching astronomical levels, some clarity awaits on Lana Rhoades recent outburst, which includes details about her alleged pregnancy and whether Mike Mazlak is actually a father.


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