Lil Nas X 6ix9ine Dm Video Exposed Twitter Responds With Hilarious


Controversial rapper Daniel “Tekashi 6ix9ine” Hernandez is recently being trolled on social media following homophobic remarks directed at Montero Lamar “Lil Nas X” Hill backfired on him. Here is the full exposed video about Lil Nas X 6ix9ine Dm.

Recently, the 24-year-old was taking an unfamiliar jibe to Lil Nas X’s sexual orientation by commenting on DJ Akademic’s Instagram post.


The Akademiks shared an article detailing China’s recent decision that the COVID-19 anal swab test is mandatory for all foreign travellers. In response to the post, the stunning 6ix9ine commented, “Lil Nas X entered the chat” with a skull emoji.

His statement did not go well with Lil Nas X, who decided to respond in his trademark manner.


In a counter-post on Twitter and Instagram, the 21-year-old revealed a video of himself dancing to hid song, “Call Me By Your Name”, as she reportedly told her DM in October and February Takeshi 6ix9ine was exposed to form.

His caption simply read, “This you?”


In a snippet of his Instagram conversation, the stunning Tekashi 6ix9ine can be seen asking Lil DM X’s DM if he wanted to hang out, leaving him ruthlessly read-only.

As a result of his unpredictable and barbaric reaction, Twitter soon came into the discussion with a plethora of responses. Most of the hilarious Lil Nass X x Tekshi 6ix9ine was in the form of a meme.

Lil Nas X Exposed 6ix9ine For Sliding Into His DM Video And Fans Are All For It

In its response, the Tekashi 6ix9ine immediately claimed that the DMs were totally fake. By showing his Instagram short clip, he refuses to not had a conversation with Lil Nas X for the first time:

“Before this sh*t even start, we’re gonna nip this in the bud. This my gram right here, stop trying to play me.”

However, it is exciting to note that at the bottom of the video there is a message request from Lil Nas X. This may mean that 6ix9ine has deleted the messages very well, keeping in mind the “Unsand Message” option of Instagram.

In spite of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s best efforts to refute these claims, Twitter had none, taking advantage of the opportunity to come up with the cheerful Lil NAS X memes:

As the memes continue to get thicker and faster online, it seems that the take on the Takeshi 6ix9’s Lil Ness X is getting more than it bargained for.

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From making headlines with his recent feuds with Meek Mill and Cardi B to the courtesy of the recent exposure of Lil Nas X’s, the 24-year-old certainly seems to have developed a habit of self-sabotage recently.




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