Lil Nas X Pregnant Leaked Video Viral on Twitter and Left People Confuse Online


Lil Nas X Pregnant Leaked Video: Once again popular personality Lil Nas X is trending on the internet after it was revealed that she is pregnant with her upcoming album. He recently tweeted on his official Twitter account and confirmed the release of his highly anticipated album Monteiro is “due” on 17 September.

Lil Nas X Pregnant Leaked Video

The 22-year-old announced the news by posting a maternity photoshoot online. The singer, wearing a white kimono and a flower crown, sat by a pool craning her fake baby bump. He also posts his edited ultrasound scan image featuring the cover of his new album.

The singer also shared a TikTok video on all her social media platforms shooting from her phone and revealing her baby bump, along with that he also released his baby bump. Lil Nas X said the idea of motherhood is inspired by Megan Thee Stallion’s poem on her new song Dol Sign Slime.

The video shocked people and left many confused as to how they react to the situation. Where most people called out the singer for using fake pregnancy for the purpose of promoting her album.

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Lil Nas X’s Pregnancy News Left the Internet Shocked

Lil Nas X has always been trending on Twitter because of its creativity and antics. Fans called him the ‘Viral King’. A few weeks before the release of his song, the singer also gets in on the trend as he launches the infamous “Devil Shoes” inspired music video.

Now, he is trending to use the pregnancy to promote his latest song. The musician share lot of pictures and video online by wearing a fake baby bump.

A social media users took their social media platform and share their reactions. Check out some of thefans reactions below:

The singer’s new album releasing on September 17 along with Elton John and Miley Cyrus. Keep connected with Trendy Kendy for the latest news and updates.



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