Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth a fight after Floyd Mayweather, Fans Reacts on Twitter

Logan Paul expresses his feeling to fight against Chris Hemsworth after Mayweather.


Logan Paul vs Chris Hemsworth: A few hours ago, a popular creator and boxer Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth. He shares his feeling on Twitter to fight with Marvel superhero Chris Hemsworth (Hulk) after the fight against boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather.

As we all know, on 20th February Logan Paul bout against Floyd Mayweather. It was officially announced on early December. He has looked in great spirits and appears quite confident in his boxing ability. This is despite the overall consensus and opinion of Mike Tyson that Logan Paul may be in trouble during the fight.


Regardless, after several reactions and jibes about the upcoming interesting fight between Logan and Mayweather, its look like Logan Paul thinks about his next bout after Mayweather. Recently, he took his official Twitter account Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth. He expresses his feelings to fight with Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth.

Logan Paul announce he will fight Chris Hemsworth after the Floyd Mayweather bout

After the fight announces between both Logan and Mayweather. He constant saying that he has confidence in his boxing skill and abilities to play a game.


 To taking advantage of bigger popularity on Social Media he very time used to post many short clips and Instagram video where he was seen talking about his abilities and getting a comparison between him and Floyd Mayweather. Check out some of the glimpse or clips of Logan.

 People could argue that if Logan could get away from the Floyd Mayweather bout, a fight against Chris Hemsworth could well be an easy task.

 While talking about Hemsworth is renowned for his fabulous physique and outstanding action on several films. He has no experience in professional boxing at all. If Hemsworth accepts the challenge of Logan Paul then it will be a tuff opponent against him. This of course, is an opinion that he himself shares.

On Twitter, he responded to a tweet showing Chris Hemsworth’s boxing skills and said he would fight him after Floyd Mayweather. As can be seen above, Logan Paul showed no reluctance and fueled rumours that have certainly remained consistent.

 While Jake Paul’s potential fight with Conor McGregor is still under rumour mongering, Logan Paul is already a sightseer for his next high-profile rival.

 Of course, while there are some who have given him a fair chance to surprise the world against Floyd Mayweather, the general consensus is that he has bitten more than he has chewed.

The Mayweather bout scheduled for 20th February 2021. It will be interesting to see Logan Paul challenges Chris Hemsworth to accept it or not. It has a possibility to happen in future. But can not say anything. Let’ wait and watch.

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Logan Paul fans will hope that he can startle the world on the upcoming match on 20 February 2021 and do something great. Thanks for visiting our site keep connect with us.



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