Louis Tomlinson Leaked Song Help Audio Online, Fans React On Twitter

On 19th April, Louis Tomlinson’s new upcoming song leaked online. The song named ‘Help’ was featured on his upcoming album. Recently, Louis Tomlinson released a statement on his leaked Help song audio. Have a look at what the singer said.

As Louis Tomlinson’s announced the news about his latest song, fans were eagerly waiting for Louis’ new album to arrive and the singer was waiting for its release. However, he was disappointed to find that the demo of his song ‘Help’ was leaked online. Despite this, his fans are trying to support him on Twitter.

The former One Direction ‘singer maintained a prolonged silence after the leaked song was released online. He finally talked about this in response to a tweet made by his fan. The fan tweeted: “Please leave it to RN.”

To this, Louis said in a statement: “I spend a lot of time coining the right song and the right voice. The fact that it has leaked is bullshit. It’s a bullshit song. Stop paying attention to it now!”

Louis then tweeted another in which he assured his fans that something big was going to happen. He wrote: “Something big was planned later this year! It’s going to be special !!” So far Louis has not said anything about the leaked song.

Fans React On Twitter After Louis Tomlinson Help Song Audio Leaked

Many fans reacted to Louis’ song being leaked online. One user wrote: “We are sorry for this leak, but this is not a bullshit song. Pls not unreasonable to myself.” Another added: “I saw an abusive person leaking the full version of the song. This is very wrong and insulting. Please don’t spread it, Luis said she is uncomfortable. Respect him and his efforts because he is working really hard. ”

“Gonna didn’t listen to the leaked @Louis_Tomlinson song … Wait until Louis decides to officially release it,” another user wrote. “Have you ever thought about how many people you’ve helped because that’s a lot? You said in your tweet today that the song that was leaked was rubbish. And that doesn’t mean that we as a pandix Have failed to see the glory you brought to the world. You are awesome. Thank you, “read another comment.

When Louis Tomlison’s Next Album is coming?

So far, Louis has not revealed the release date for his next album. His latest tweet about “something big planned” also convinced fans that an album could be dropping soon.

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Prior to this, Louis had made the U.K. Kay talked about her album release in an interview with The Telegraph. He said: “I’m very excited. I originally had a plan in place before Corona took over our lives. And now I’ve been given a little bit of time to really get involved in things that I like. I was really proud of my first record, but there were some moments that I felt were more painful for me than others. “


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