Maguad Siblings Case Video Viral On Twitter: The Maguad siblings’ murder in NoCot will be investigated by a special task force.

Maguad Siblings Case Video Viral On Twitter: The hashtag #JusticeforMaguadSiblings has been trending all over Twitter, making Maguad Siblings the most searched topic name on the internet. An after the Maguad Siblings were allegedly murdered by three individuals who have yet to be identified, people widely come in support of Maguad. On Twitter, the hashtag #JusticeforMaguadSiblings has gone viral. Following the reported gruesome execution of two siblings in broad daylight in North Cotabato last week, internet calls for justice were made. Since the incident began, police investigators have been conducting a thorough investigation into the situation. After the shocking incident, the news is widely circulated on the internet. Several people are aware of the occurrence, but some are learning about it through social media sites. So, here is where you will get all of the details about Maguad’s murder.

Maguad Siblings Case Video Viral On Twitter

Crizzlle Gwynn Maguad is 18 years old, and her 16-year-old brother was also found by officials who was stabbed and beaten to death inside their home on December 10 at 2 p.m in Barangay Bagontapay, M’lang . Broken bottle fragments, a knife, a hammer, and a baseball bat were also discovered near their bodies, according to reports. Following a ruckus between her cousins and the attackers, their visiting cousin, a child, was able to hide in a small room and lock herself within. According to the investigation,  three unidentified guys entered their house and stabbed the Maguad siblings to death.

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The relative was able to contact for help on Facebook, according to Major Realan Mamon, the municipal police chief. Unidentified males allegedly broke into the residence and stabbed and beat the victims, according to the cousin. In addition, the municipal social welfare office is presently monitoring another victim of the incident. The investigator stated that they are completely prepared to investigate the situation.

The incident was most likely conducted by three individuals who knew the victims’ parents were out at the time, according to Mamon. In the same province, one of their parents is the principal of Buayan Elementary School. The relative, according to Mamon, is already under the hands of the municipal social welfare office.

In addition, a special investigation task group was constituted to look into the situation of the siblings. To raise awareness of the claimed murders, the hashtag “#JusticeForMaguadSiblings” entered the top trending list on local Twitter four days after the purported killings. On Saturday, Mayor Pip Limbungan of Tulunan and Vice Mayor Joselito Pinol of nearby Tulunan announced incentives of PHP50,000 and PHP200,000, respectively, for finding the culprit of the crime. Keep an eye on this page for further information.


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