Milk Crate TikTok Challenge Fails, TikTok bans the Challenge Video after fails and rise in broken arms and severe injuries


Milk Crate TikTok Challenge Death Fails: The Milk Crate Challenge has been extremely popular on social media where many people try this challenge and get injured. People follow the Tiktok trend and trying to climb into the milk crates and the result is that their wrist gets broken and fractured.

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Milk Crate TikTok Challenge Fails

Milk crates are made from polythene and according to reports they can handle thousands of weights individually but they can lose stability when you stack them together.

Recently, there was an incident in Dallas where a woman was trying to do the Milk Crate Challenge and she got seriously injured. It is believed that he died due to this challenge. Not only that, there are a lot of videos online that have decided to try this challenge.

Also there are various rumours online that the woman was died because of attempting a milk crate challenge in Dallas. But after the statement of Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia, it is confirmed that woman is not died. She is going through with severe injuries and currently in critical condition.

Why has TikTok banned the Milk Crate Challenge?

A video of a Tiktok trend is trending on social media where a man is trying to challenge a milk crate but before that one a shooting took place. The person who recorded the video runs away from the shooting location and hides behind the car.

Check out the video.

A lot of users took their social media handle and share their responses about this challenge.

About this challenge, Dr. Shawn Anthony, an orthopedic surgeon, said, “Injuries can include life-threatening conditions such as broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL and meniscus tears, as well as spinal cord injuries.”

Along with these, TikTok released a statement and announce that they banned the milk crate challenge from being uploaded on the platform.

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