Minecraft Twitch streamer Nathan reset followers to 0 with no warning


Recently, Nathan discovered that all of his Twitch’s 21,000 followers were reset without prior warning or suspension from the Twitch support team. A few days back Minecraft Twitch streamer Nathan took his Twitter account and talking about his recent Twitch incident. In the last two years he able to collect 21k followers. The Twitch streamer was shocked after seeing his followers were reduced to zero overnight. After this incident, he received huge support from the entire Twitch community that looks worried about the platform algorithms.

Ever since Nathan revealed the news, hundreds of people poured in with support, and he again managed to gain thousands of followers. Currently, the streamer Twitch account has 17.7k followers, something he has thanked the community for.


Minecraft Twitch streamer Nathan gets internet’s support after reset followers to 0 with no warning

Nathan is a 16 years old Fortnite/ Minecraft streamer who had more than 21 thousand followers on his Twitch account. Although he spent more time playing Fortnite, it was his Minecraft streams that were most famous for him. Recently, he lost all his 21 thousand Twitch followers overnight and posted the following tweet.

Nathan shows his emotions and tells he had collected this number after continuously streaming on 2 long years and had lost them all in one night.

The surprising things that Twitch had not sent him warning before deleting all his followers from Twitch.

People have speculated that the loss of Nathan’s followers may be due to the bug, and Twitch may have no way of dealing with such a situation. Regardless, once he posted on Twitter explaining his position, people noticed his problem and cast it with support.

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The day of posting the messages, the streamer had garnered more than thousands of followers. He then made several tweets thanking the community for their support. Nathan’s current number of followers is expected to increase in the coming days. While he was undoubtedly trapped in an unexpected situation, the way the community reacted in support is truly impressive.



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