Most Viewed Instagram Reel 2022 On Instagram Check List of Most Liked Reel on Instagram

Most Viewed Instagram Reel On Instagram: As we all know Instagram is one of the biggest Social media platforms and after the launch of Instagram reels it became one of the most significant steps on the platform. Whether it’s a hilarious video or a powerful dance number, Instagram has ensured that it reaches the widest possible audience. There are tonnes of videos that have been uploaded on Insta reels and some of them get a huge number of views.  Have you ever wondered which Instagram reel has had the most views? If not, so In this post, we have listed the most viewed reels for you.

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Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram, a photo and video-sharing social networking app. For the service, Facebook Inc. spent about $1 billion in cash and stock. On the platform, users can upload photographs of their pictures and videos. Posts can be shared with the general public or only with your account followers it is totally up to you. Not just that, users can share with other people as well using the hashtag, name, locations, and many more ways. On the platform, most movie, sports, and other industry star shares their personal life things with their fans. The growth of Instagram took up another level after Instagram announced the Reels feature.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Instagram is the reel. You must agree with this statement, and why not? You can make 15 sec, 30 sec and 1-minute videos, it can make us cry, laugh, motivate and entertain us. You may also use filters, popular songs, and transitions, and edit features to make the audience surprised. The Top 10 Instagram handles, in order of most viewed reel and their account. Here is the complete list!

Most Viewed Instagram Reel 2022 On Instagram

S.No. Most Viewed Instagram Reels (2021) Views
1 Learn from Khaby 290 Million
2 Blink And express 260 Million
3 One word – Happiness 150 Million
4 Do things in the right way 136 Million
5 Sista! It was mine! 131 Million
6 Who said 3 blind mice can’t #glitch 128 Million
7 Lol! Open the door this way 117 Million
8 GTA with Dog 113 Million
9 Only works with toothpaste 113 Million
10 Batman maintenance team! 112 Million
11 Runaway Aurora with Dog 101 Million
12 From Idol to Uncle it’s a moment 100 Million
13 Ice in the glass 96.7 Million
14 My Baby ❤️ 83.8 Million
15 Slow Ramp Walk 81.9 Million
16 3 Years of Stormi 80.1 Million
17 Never Miss a Monday! 68.3 Million
18 Tunak-Tunak Tun 67.3 Million
19 Mummy Aa Gayi Ka? 54.8 Million
20 Therefore I Am 52.3 Million

1. Learn from Khaby ( 290 Million Views)

Khabi Lam is one of the most followed TikTok stars where he used to make comedy videos on his many social media platforms. His reaction and humor videos are very popular among people.

He made the video with iron. In which he shows how people double-check whether the iron wire is unplugged from the board. The video has garnered over 290 million views on Instagram and the count continues.

Along with that, the reel has more than 12.2 million likes and lakhs of comments, share, and saves. Watch the reel below:


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A post shared by Khaby Lame (@khaby00)

2. Blink And express – Shivanjali Porje ( 260 Million Views)

As we all know that a talent is just a number. This adorable little girl Shivanjali Porje is the queen of expressions. She lives in Nasik and her video becoming among the top ten most viewed in 2021. People are fans of her expressions or acting videos.

In Blink and express challenge her videos have been seen over 260 million times and have earned over 12.2 million likes. Here is the full reel of expression queen Shivanjali Proje. Watch out below:


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A post shared by Shiv❤️ (@shivanjaliporje.03)

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3. One Word – Happiness By Cochinaquatic (150 Million Views)

Is there anything more relaxing than a tank of fish? No, I don’t believe so. To fully comprehend this clip, you must first see it.

@cochinaquatic’s clip has received over 150 million views and 9 million likes. It displays a lovely pool of orange fish that are about to feast by a lady. The view is so beautiful when she feasts fish.

Furthermore, Cochinaquatic is a website where you may order decorative fish for your home or workplace aquarium. If you love the fish you can follow their account as well. Watch out full reel below:


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A post shared by Cochin Aquatics (@cochinaquatics)

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