MrBeast YouTube Rewind 2020 trends on internet ft. a Dream “face reveal”

MrBeast announces the Youtube Rewind video 2020, Thank God It's Over.

MrBeast again trending on YouTube with his latest YouTube video. MrBeast has broken the internet with YouTube Rewind 2020. The 22 years old YouTuber’s. This is one of the most awaited videos since the 22-year-old YouTuber announced her move back in November.

On the auspicious occasion of the new year, he finally announced the released date of one of the most awaited videos “YouTube Rewind” amid much fanfare:

 Just when it looked like that the world would fall out of an annual tradition, Mr Beat began to appear entirely with everyone who had changed his place in the world in 2020.

MrBeast YouTube Rewind 2020

 According to initial responses online, MrBeat has certainly not disappointed, as Twitter is understood to be “the biggest YouTube rewind yet”.

The MrBeast YouTube Rewind 2020 is around six minutes long, the amount fo content which MrBeast is shown on the video it just last six month. It is really commendable with familiar faces shining on the screen.

In the video various stars including Ninja, PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and several more popular faces as a barrage of stars, awarded for their contribution for another year in streaming. From various trends and memes to breakout stars to include Karens and Coffin, as well as an “In Memoriam” section featuring Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman and more, MrBeast has no effort to pay tribute to one of the most unforgettable Does not leave Year in Human History.

Faceless YouTubers Dream and Corpse Husband get a good amount of screen time, with other popular YouTubers to share their thoughts on the star duo. Talking about the former, in one of the most awaited segments of the video, Dream Face reveals that he is a hilarious troll on his part.

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After making a huge buzz and suspense around the internet that Dream will take off his mask in the video, only to reveal another, identical one below! Check out the fans reactions below on Twitter.

With fans already declaring their version of YouTube as the best yet, it looks like MrBeast has delivered an absolute winner, with tons of memorable content.

With a perfect blend of melancholy, sentimentality, humour, and memories, fans cannot seem to get his 6-minute masterpiece that surpassed expectations in terms of technical skills as well as quality content is.

As Twitter continues to emphasize the completeness of the video, fans have already started petitioning for MrBeast to handle the rule of YouTube rewind on a first-year basis.

MrBeast rewind video 2021 is trending on 31 positions on YouTube


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