Nikita Dragun and Alejandro Rosario under fire after TikTok videos goes viral


Nikita Dragun has posted a TikTok video with 18 years old Alejandro Rosario. In the video, Nikita has seen lip syncs “Why does everyone think we f ** k?” Before grinding against Alejandro. Both Nikita Dragun and Alejandro Rosario are seen smiling and laughing.

Currently, Alejandro Rosario is 18 years of age and older. Controversy ensues as Rosaria is still in high school. This got Twitter users to think that Nikita Dragun was grooming Alejandro when he was a minor. More evidence of this allegation Less than a month ago, on 14 January, Rosario turned 18.

 It is the most common thing that trying to seduce or date a minor is not good. This is something that maximum of America’s society would agree on.

However, this whole situation raises the questions. Nikita Dragun has the advantage of not having as much backlash as he could have. It could be because she is an influencer or star.

Nikita Dragun and Alejandro Rosario under fire after TikTok videos goes viral

Some comments are saying that paedophilia is not wrong until both sides agree on it. The reason for this may be the vicissitudes of roles. Generally, the male Tiktok star is accused of grooming the young woman, just like the case of Tony Lopez and his brother.

The fanbase has become slightly lighter due to Nikia being a woman. They are also gaining trust because even though he has just turned 18, he is no longer a minor. This is still a very volatile subject and will be debated for a while.

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It is confirmed that Nikita Dragun will not be in any legal trouble due to Rosario’s age, but fans will remember this sourness forever.

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