Nikita Dragun and Trisha Paytas Twitter Fight Drama Expored


Trisha Paytas and Nikita Dragun had a heated feud on Twitter yesterday (March 31), and here was their quarrel.

YouTuber and singer Trisha Paytas are well-known personalities and not a stranger from the Twitter argument. She often calls other Internet celebrities online, and she is always a hot topic of conversation on social media.


The latest person she starts beefing up with social media star Nikita Dragun, but why is the pair quarrelling? Here you have to know everything about this feud.


On Wednesday (March 31), Trisha Paytas and Nikita Dragun became involved in a Twitter battle, lasting more than two hours with the pair.


It all began when Trisha retweeted a tweet from the Gossip profile @defnoodles, stating:

“Clap Back: Nikita Dragun says… cancel me as many times as u want … my show is still running.” Those who don’t know let us tell you that this is the second season of her reality show that premiers on Snapchat.

Trisha quoted the tweet as “on Snapchat” and with a laugh-out-of-play emoji, essentially mocking Nikita for being a show on Snapchat.

Then, things started moving forward.

Nikita Returns To Tweet

After Trisha’s retweet, Nikita clapped back with some figures from her show.

She tweeted, “30 million viewers and a billboard at sunset … but anyway I should go back to filming my Netflix show [Cat’s Face with Tears of Happiness],”

In response to this, she again points out Trisha for being anti-transgender, adding:

“Trisha haven’t u done enough to the Trans community? There’s no need to downplay mine or any Trans woman’s accomplishments. happy #TransDayOfVisibility @trishapaytas.”

After this, things will change nasty and Trisha called Nikita a disgusting human who always defending pedophiles” and “spreading Covid.

The Twitter Fight Continues

Then, Trisha continued to post several tweets for allegedly linking Nikita with the pedophiles.

First, she tweeted a picture of the Lopez Brothers and James Charles and wrote: “Nikita loves her pedophiles. Supports Trash 2.”

YouTuber Ethan Klein then joined and claimed that he had seen Nikita “talking ***” about Trisha, writing: “With peace and of course love. I actually do something about her. Don’t even know, just saw him talking on Trisha. ”

Trisha then continued to attack Nikita, asking to “hang out with 18-year-olds”, “friendship with pedophiles” and “working so hard to remain relevant”.

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The feud eventually died, and Nikita made the final tweet on the matter:



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