Nikita Dragun Predator Labeled Online Community After Pictures With 18-year-old Alejandro Sario Go Viral & Leaked


Recently, a Beauty Influencer Nikita Dragon has become the target after pictures with 18 years old TikToker named Alejandro Sario surfaced online. People called Nikita Dragun a Predator.

 At the first look, it looks like there is no issue with this picture. But her actions leading to the meeting were criticized online. Around a few days back, Nikita Dragun commented on Alejandro Rosario’s Instagram post in a flirtatious manner. and confirm that is he is 18 years old.


His advances suggest the online community is troubled. She was quick to highlight that she is 25 years old.

Her recent Instagram story has further increased the critical situation. In the story, she was seen posing with Rosario at her birthday party. Her party himself came under scrutiny for violating COVID norms. Subsequently, many Twitter users called Nikita  Dragun Predator.


 Nikita Dragun called Predator after being spotted with Alejandro Sario

 Nikita Dragun is one of the prominent beautiful model and influencer. She has more than 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Also, she was featured in several music videos with some bug artist including Doja Cat, Iggy Azalea, and others. Nikita got awarded accolades for her contributions towards the beauty industry.

Despite a huge fan following and a popular face of Social Media, she is often surrounded by controversies. Of late, she has been in flames for her unmistakable response to the accusations levelled at her close friends Tony and Ondreas Lopez. These two are currently being accused of trapping minors.

 In addition, his intimacy with the Lopez brothers has come under sharp criticism. The online community has now clubbed him into the same group as a predator.

Maximum of the user’s comments accused her of being a groom. Her friendship with the Lopez brothers seems to have taken a toll on his public persona.

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