Nikki Phillippi and Husband Dan Dog Bowser Putting Down After He Bit Their Son


The social media influencer Nikki Phillippi and her husband Dan have come online after a serious attack after they recently revealed that they had been forced to put down their family dog ​​Bowser after he attacked on their son. Here is the full update about Nikki Phillippi and Husband Dan Dog Bowser.

The popular YouTuber recently shot a YouTube video to share “sad news” with their subscriber, as they revealed precisely why they decided to end his pet dog’s life.


As per their particular statements which they gave has been considered highly insensitive, given how they could have always opted for revenge.

“The moment I’m thinking, you know, I grew up with the movie ‘Old Yeller’, and I wanted to pick up Bowser by the neck and take him to the backyard and put him down there.”


Despite Dan and Nikki Philippi’s best efforts to explain why this was a necessary step, their decision to depose Bowser was severely criticized by the internet community.

Internet criticize Dan and Nikki Phillippi for putting down their dog Bowser


During the 24-minute-long video, Dan and Nikki Philippi attempt to explain their decision to keep their own pet dog Bowser down.

The former reported that their pet dog always exhibited an unbridled aggressive streak, which gradually came to dominate them.

The end chance for him was when he attacked his infant son Logan.

They post a statement on their social handles and said, “On Friday, we were supposed to put Bowser to sleep. It wasn’t a decision that we came to lightly. We have had a bauzer for over a decade. For many years, for most of his life, he was an extremely dangerous animal outside the walls of my house, so he was definitely an outdoor animal that I had to keep inside. We could have put the badger down a long time ago. He is seriously injuring a pair of other dogs. He is such a powerful animal that it is not good. It’s just to the point where I have a son, and it doesn’t work for him.”

Nikki Phillippi also unveiled that although she had considered the option of rehab, she was allegedly advised against it by a member of humanitarian society:

From stating how many instances, where he finally had to decide to bring himself down to save Bowser, the video provided a poignant glimpse into Dan and Nikki Philippi’s personal lives.

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However, their justification for keeping Bowser down has touched a raw nerve with the online community, who called him on the basis of basic moral ethics.



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