NLE Choppa And Crew Fight Video Trending On Internet, Twitter Responds With Hilarious Memes


Bryson Lashun Potts, better known as NLE Choppa, is recently trending online for a mass brawl video in Venice Beach, LA. Here is the full update about NLE Choppa And Crew fight video.

According to the clip, which recently has gone viral on social media, the 18-year-old rapper and his crew of friends can be seen fighting with two men on electric bikes.

As the conversation heated up, one of the men could be seen standing and taking off his backpack, a move that showed him to be the trigger for a full-brown reaction.

NLE Choppa can be seen suddenly charging at him, only to be met with a sickening look on his face.

This was followed by a no-holds-bar fight in the middle of the street, as per the video the stranger single-handedly battled NLE Choppa and his group of 5 friends.

Despite being ostracized, Stranger managed to hold his own for a while before eventually dominating the force of his opponent’s numbers.

In light of this unexpected public controversy, Twitter was soon buzzing with several responses, most of which are in the form of hilarious memes.

Twitter Responds As NLE Choppa And Crew Fight video takes the internet by storm

After joining the fight NLE Choppa and his friends, the stranger is eventually thrown out of harm’s way by his friend, as the rapper and his group eventually leave the scene.

After her recently went viral, NLE Choppa took to Twitter to address the situation.

In an attempt to explain what really went down, the “Shot Flow” hitmaker claimed that he simply turned down a “fan” request for a picture, making him hostile.

He alleged that the fan called him “creepy” and “b * tch”, making him feel insulted, forcing him to seek vengeance.

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After the wild side of NLE Choppa was captured on camera, many Twitter users soon took advantage of the incident to kill their partner:




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