OMB Peezy Leaked Video on Twitter Leaves Fans Shocked

OMB Peezy Leaked Video: Many people have been horrified by rapper Omb Peezy’s Facebook leaked video, and some Twitter users have reacted to it. Peezy, whose actual name is LeParis Dade, startled his Facebook followers on November 21 when he released a video of an intimate moment. The 24-year-old was caught in the middle of an uncomfortable intimate encounter in the video. It didn’t take long for the Facebook upload to spread to other platforms as well. The social media upload scared users on the internet.

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OMB Peezy Twitter Leaked Video

Since 2017, the Alabama rapper has been actively involved in the music industry. After signing with 300 Entertainment, OMB Peezy began his career as a musician. Since then, Peezy has amassed a sizable following. His songs have also helped him gain prominence, as he now has over 997k Instagram followers. The majority of his articles are dedicated to keeping his followers up to date on his new songs. Peezy, on the other hand, has a YouTube channel. He currently has over 639k Instagram followers.


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Peezy has an online shopping store in addition to his songs. Peezy tours in addition to creating new music and running his online business. His next appearance will be in Tempe, Arizona.

After an intimate video of Peezy was shared on his Facebook page on November 21, numerous viewers were taken aback. The video did not go unnoticed by the platform’s 394k followers. Fans of the Soul Ties singer have taken notice of the NSFW video since it was posted to Facebook.

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Though the video was quickly removed from the platform, it did not take long for netizens to respond to it. The video was also shared on Twitter, where it attracted a lot of attention.

Following the gaffe, Peezy rushed to Instagram to express his displeasure with the situation. “I’m sorry y’all had to see that,” he continued. “My new name “mr. Smooth” doe,” he continued.

The rapper also addressed the reaction he received when the tape was revealed. “I just woke up, and y’all are still on the bullsh*Y’all make a ni**a feel wonderful doet,” he remarked.


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