OnlyJayus Ban Petition From TikTok After Garners More than 100,000 Signatures

OnlyJayus Ban Petition From TikTok: OnlyJayus, real name Isabella Avila recently revealed her past on Social Media due to this she received a lot of negative attention from social media. The 22-year-old content creator is known for his psychological facts on TikTok. Avila was forced to apologize in February for text messages in which she used racial slurs.

While they promised to cooperate with Color’s creators in his apology, OnlyJayus reportedly didn’t keep the truth. Now there is a petition on that has garnered over 100 thousand signatures after just a few days.

The titled of petition is ‘Ban OnlyJayus from TikTok’ states that Avila “needs to be banned from TikTok. They have been seen and called out multiple times for misbehaving with disabled creators and creators of color.”

The petition’s description further states that OnlyJayus “has been kicked out for ignoring emails and messages from content creators of color in a bid to collaborate with them to help rectify the situation.”

Their problematic issues have also led to jokes about people with disabilities being robbed and rigged hosting.” In the description, it is also mentioned that OnlyJayus’ original apology was allegedly written by a ghostwriter.

OnlyJayus Ban Petition From TikTok: Responded on Twitter by mocking the petition

In the above tweet, OnlyJayus commented “Luckily receiving over 13.5M signatures.” OnlyJayus has 13.5 million followers on Tiktok. They also host prominent followers on Instagram and YouTube.

While this is true, several users have responded to Avila’s tweet with a link to the petition. However, It is not confirmed yet whether the support of the petition will be sufficient to ban the content creato from TikTok or not.

The majority of OnlyJayus followers seem to be happy with the content they post. In a TikTok post on May 22, OnlyJayus mentioned “illegal life advice” as per the headline.

“If a service dog ever comes up to you, but they are alone, it means their owner is in trouble and they probably can’t move,” OnlyJayus says. “Then you should follow them because you’ll get a free wallet.”

After watching the video, several creators criticized Avila’s “joke”, saying whether or not it was a joke, “the people who would be most affected by taking it seriously would probably be people with black or brown disabilities.”

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