Pastor Colby Mitchell Leaked Video Viral Online Leaves Twitter scandalized


Pastor Colby Mitchell Leaked Video: A video got leaked online allegedly of Pastor Colby Mitchell that has been viral on Twitter and other social media platforms on 31st August. According to the video, Colby doing some physical acts with an unknown person.

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Pastor Colby Mitchell Leaked Video

Colby D. Mitchell is a businessman and a speaker who has more than 20l followers on their Facebook page. Where he mostly hosts biblical services. Mitchell has also been seen at several big events as a guest speaker.

A 34-year-old Mitchell has 700 followers on Instagram. Before the leaked video, people have known him for delivering a positive speech. As the video leaked, it started gaining views on Twitter. Currently, the video has more than 20k views at the time of the article.


As the video leaked, Colby Mitchell immediately comes up to address the video, telling the unknown person of his former partner.

In his recent interview, he said, “I’m sorry for being exposed on Facebook…that’d been a long time. Five years.”


At the same time, it is also clear that soon he will take legal action against those leaking this video. At the end of his interview, he apologized to his followers or viewers. Watch his full interview below.

Twitter Users Reacts Online

A lot of users have been sharing their opinion on Colby Mitchell’s leaked video as it is starting viral on Twitter. Some left out with the confusing situation and the rest of them joked about the whole situation. Check out some of the responses below.

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