PewDiePie Vtuber Face Revealed, faces backlash online

PewDiePie Vtuber Face Revealed: The world most followed YouTuber. Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has now stepped into the door of Vtuber, and an online community is not happy with this decision. The 31 years old YouTuber and internet personality recently made his expected return to streaming, with a surprisingly “reverse face reveal”.

Following in the footsteps of popular faceless YouTubers including Dream and Corpus Husband, PewDiePie revealed that after this, it would be streaming under the guise of a digital avatar. The motivation behind making this decision was jokingly considered an “attempt to remain relevant”.

Very soon, in his second Minecraft stream after his return, PewDiePie revealed his Vtuber avatar, a more sleek and polished upgrade to the anime avatar which he initially used, reemerging with a vest and tie :

His new avatar has been praised by most fans, but unfortunately, it ends the invasion of the online community, especially the Vtuber part.

From calling him out for racist comments of his past to further accusing him, soon the things tend ugly as the online community condemned his Vtuber decision.

Most of the users believed that he was only holding the trend at the expense of “original” Vtubers. This eventually starting up a new Pandora’s online box, as fans and critics pulled it out.

The world’s biggest YouTuber, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, has officially made his debut as an October, and a section of the internet is not happy.

The 31-year old popular internet personality recently made his highly-speculated return to streaming, with an unexpected “reverse face reveal” in tow.

Following the footsteps of other popular faceless YouTubers including Dream and Corpse Husband, PewDiePie announced that henceforth, he would be streaming under the guise of a digital avatar. The impellent behind taking this decision was jokingly deemed as an “attempt to stay relevant.”

Very soon, in his second Minecraft stream since his return, PewDiePie unveiled his surprising Vtuber avatar, a more slick and polished upgrade on the anime avatar he seemed to be used in its first instance, replete with a vest and tie:

After seeing the new avatar fans lauded his new avatar as an innovative approach, it ended up invoking the ire of the online community, especially the Vtuber section.

From calling him out for his past racist remarks to levelling further allegations against him, things soon turned ugly as the community condemned his decision to become an October. They expected that he was merely cashing in on the recent trend, all at the expense of the “original” Vtubers. This descision by PewDiePie is ultimately opened up a whole new Pandora’s box online, as fans and critics duked it out.

PewDiePie Vtuber Face Revealed, Twitter reacts to PewDiePie becoming a Vtuber

Hi, the entire streaming journey is contained with a lot of experiments with an eclectic range of games and personas, maximum of them have been accepted by the audiences.

Although his recent Vtuber experiment may very well have been in the jest, as a temp, from the looks of it, it seems to have triggered Vtubers. Check out some of the reactions which people have done on Twitter.

 As per the hot trend list on the Internet right now is that of a virtual YouTuber or Vtuber, which has received a big boost during the pandemic

The Vtuber trend is constantly increasing day by day and it is immensely popular in Japan. The backlash facing PewDiePie now closely resembles that of an Imane “Pokémon” when he had to announce his debut as a vibrator.

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The things getting worst inline after the PewDiePie Vtuber anime Face Revealed. Let’s see where it will end up.


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