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Pokimane Rejects Boyfriend Resume On Live Stream


Pokimane is one of the most followed female twitch streamers who has 6.8 million followers title. As well all know, with such kind of monumental status also brings some unwanted attention and harmony but Pokimane has now learned how to deal with such kind of unwanted attention.


The 24 years old popular face receives many gifts and honours from all over the world. A large number of what are commonly known as Simps.

In her latest stream video, Poki appeared for unboxing her gifts which she received from worldwide on a special event of Christmas. The stream duration is one half where she manages all the gifts from the strangest. The half an hour video of Poki is wort to watching for all.

Pokimane Rejects Boyfriend Resume

In a streaming video, Poki picks up the new viewer gift or as you say package. In which for an unknown reason she received a 4-page letter to the 24 years old. Poki unwraps the packet and gets a 4-page letter “Boyfriend Resume” in case she seeks to know him. The 4-page letter comes with a QR code, so Poki would easily able to find his images of her potential boyfriend.


Pokimane said on the video, “So this man sent me a 4-page letter essentially asking me to know. Then he added his resume. He included a dating profile with a QR code so that I can see and scan her photos!

After seeing the letter, she bizarrely laughed and keep off with her and shift towards the other gift from the worldwide fan base. It clearly means that Pokimane rejects Boyfriend Resume. This is the first time when Poki received this kind of a proposal. This incident is slightly odd but this is one of the most memorable moment.

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Although she jokingly avoided the entire incident, the level of detail contained in Pokimane recent “boyfriend application” has undoubtedly faded due to today’s burgeoning culture.



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