Quavo Saweetie Elevator Video Memes Goes Viral On Twitter And Internet


The shocking footage has come out from an elevator security camera that has surfaced online, it appears that there was a growing paradise for Quavo and Saweeti before their recent split. Here is the full update about Quavo Saweetie elevator video drama.

The rapper duo made headlines earlier this month after officially announcing their split on social media.


What began as an apparent revelation by Saweeti soon snowballed into an ugly Twitter exchange, as the couple indulged in a vicious back-end that spread like wildfire on social media platforms:

Now, barely ten days after their sharp split, TMZ has captured surveillance footage leaked to 2020 from an elevator.

According to their report, the change occurred in an apartment complex in North Hollywood.


The two can be seen standing outside an open elevator, only for Saweeti to start swinging wildly at Quavo as she tries to prevent him from entering.

As Quavo dodges the swipe, her quarrel in the Orange Call of Duty case results in Saweetie falling onto the elevator floor and the door was closed, where she lies down for a few minutes, it looks like she might be injured.

After the next few minutes, Quavo waits for her at the elevator door does without helping him to get up. When they finally reach the second floor, Quavo uses the case so that the door can be seen outward.

In light of this incredible footage, Twitter users reacted with a barrage of memes to give their comic side.

Quavo and Saweetie elevator fight: Memes galore as a couple caught in elevator brawl.

Quavo and Saweeti started their relationship journey back in September 2018, which quickly became social media attention.

From showering each other with lavish gifts with their Birkin feud on social media, the couple has often found themselves on a Twitter trending page.

However, their relationship hit Rock Bottom in March 2021, when the couple publicly decided to wash their dirty clothes, with Saweeti accusing Quavo of cheating on her.

Bentley then leased it to Sawai as a Christmas present. However, recent lift footage suggests that all of the above events are merely a matter of shock value.

After their lift fight went viral online, many Twitter users lost sleep over hilarious memes.

Comedy aside, this recent Quavo x Saweeti scandal has once again brought the concept of “celebrity couples” to “relationship goals” under the scanner:

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As the reactions continue to come thick and fast, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for the Quavo X Saweetie saga.



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