Rick Astley 4k Remastered Version Of “Never Gonna Give You Up” Memes Goes Viral


Composer Rick Astley is trending on Twitter once again recently after a cool 4K version of his smash-hit on social media “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Here is the full update about Rick Astley 4k Remastered Version.

The 55-year-old English singer-songwriter has re-owned a legendary status in the pop culture industry due to the viral phenomenon of “Rickrolling”.


Rick Astley 4k Remastered Version Viral On Social Media

Rickrolling is currently one of the most prominent trends that trending online and has even become a meme. The prank entices viewers to click on a hyperlink that leads them to a video of Astley’s infectious evergreen track, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Astley started viral as a YouTuber uploaded a 4K remastered version of the 80s hit song. The internet was thrilled with this video.

Many Rick Astley fans took to Twitter to revisit his new, new look, as he fancied it once again.

Post its viral revival from 2008 onwards. Rickrolling memes have become a canon in today’s digital age of social media and cyber prank. Astley’s video has acquired cult status.

Here are some reactions online, most of which fans have collected a set of mentioned memories centred around the act of being recoloured:

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Rickrolling fever takes over Twitter, like Rick Astley trends online in 4K

With fans singing on the remastered version of Astley’s song, it goes on to show the kind of impact that the track commanded more than three decades after its release.

Astley continues in online spaces as the Recalling Meme continues to develop in a sense for a digital audience.



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