Rip Elon Musk Death Rumour Overrun With Memes On Twitter


No, Elon Musk is not dead, and according to his latest tweet, neither is he pleased with this latest rumour. Here is the full update about Rip Elon Musk death rumour.

The ominous hashtag #RIPElon was left to trend online after fans of the Tesla CEO recently logged on to Twitter.


In a digital time, where misleading or rumours often reigns supreme, they were left in a riddle, looking at the Space X chief in an attempt to find out the truth.

According to rumours circulating online, it was alleged that Elon Musk allegedly died in a battery explosion at the Tesla factory. Thankfully, this was just another death rumour that went viral courtesy of some crooks who initially kicked off the trend.

Following these rumours, many Twitter users started using the hashtag #RIPElon. Fake screenshots and blasphemous headlines soon followed suit, leaving his global fans completely annoyed.


This news was eventually uncovered by Snopes, a fact-checking website that called Elon Musk’s rumoured death a complete fabrication:

The situation reached such an extent that Tesla Sabereddit moderators were forced to issue an official statement urging fans to “not come for these fake stories”.

In response to the deception of his death, Elon Musk took to Twitter to post a disgruntled emoji, possibly trending the hashtag #RIPElon online altogether:

Twitter was soon overrun with a heap of hilarious memories, with Elon Musk becoming the latest target of a death blister.

Rip Elon Musk Death Rumour Overrun With Memes On Twitter

Fake news and rumours are often found in abundance online nowadays, with death hoaxes being one of the most common variants.

Recently, rapper Lil Nas X was surprised to see the Wikipedia page dead, prompting him to respond in a comical manner.

However, Elon Musk was not too surprised to see these rumours.

Here are some hilarious reactions online, as Twitter has reacted to the alleged death of the 49-year-old:

Elon Musk fans will undoubtedly be relieved to learn that their role model is very much alive.

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Often known for being a pioneer in the field of humour, the tech magnate found himself around this time, courtesy of his role as the poster boy of the DogCoin cryptocurrency.



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