Roddy Rich And 42 Dugg Video Shooting Incident Are Not Dead Accused Names Images & Shot Video


Rapper Roddy Rich and 42 Dugg video were linked to a deadly blaze, which was reported to have been the scene of their video shoot. What exactly happened here are full details.

Recently, the while online community was shocked after got the news that shots were fired at the location where both the rappers were shooting.




The rapper itself clarify the viral news after getting know the online community users making his name viral on Twitter. Recently, he took his official Instagram account and break the silence through a live video. In a live session with Lil Baby, the rapper stated that he was not present at the scene. Lil Baby admitted that a lot of rumours were circulating on social media.

Fans are happy to learn that the rapper was doing fine. Dugg shared the same live session with his followers on Twitter.


After the confirmation from Dugg side now fans are worried about Roddy Rich safety. DJ A-Tron confirmed on behalf of him that Roddy is also safe. He said on his Twitter handle, “My ni**a Roddy good, all the homies good”. Further, he also confirmed that the people who were injured at the time of the shooting are also in stable condition and the shooter has been arrested.

Steve Gehlbach said on his Twitter handle, “Atlanta Police confirm only two I shot at the music video shoot, and both now stable…and both not artists @42_Dugg or @RoddyRicch One man arrested on the scene was for drug possession charge”.

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The final and confirmed statement made it clear that the rappers were not present at the location when the unidentified persons fired. The identity of the three injured people has not been revealed yet but it has also been confirmed that the shooter has been arrested by the police. So, if you want to know more details and details about Roddy Rich And 42 Dugg video shotting to the topic then stay tuned with us for further updates.


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