Sarah Jayne Dunn Onlyfans Photos Leaked Online After she’s axed from Hollyoaks

Sarah Jayne Dunn Onlyfans Photos Leaked: Sarah Jayne Dunn defended her 18+ subscription site account on Friday, claiming that her content is no different than images of her on Instagram or in lads’ magazines. ‘It’s the kind of photographs I’ve done my whole life!’ the actress, 40, claimed on Good Morning Britain. She also stated that leaving the Channel 4 soap wasn’t her decision. She’s been charging followers £11 a month for access to racy photos, but executives have warned her about her behavior due to the show’s youthful audience.

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Sarah Jayne Dunn Onlyfans Photos Leaked

A 40-year-old actress has sparked outrage after launching her own OnlyFans profile just a few days ago and uploading some crispy photographs on it. Sarah was also told by the show’s producers that she needed to cancel her account, but she refused. Dunn has also been chastised for her manner, which has been attributed to the fact that the show “Hollyoaks” caters to a younger demographic. Taking down her OnlyFans account backfired, and the actress was later fired from the show, where she had been a regular since 1996.

“I’m merely shifting my sexier, racier photographs to another site,” she explained, acknowledging that some followers may “find it disturbing.” On social media, the show’s creators reacted to the actress’s decision. They claimed that no Hollyoaks cast members are allowed to be active on 18+ websites. The actress announced her choice to join the OnlyFans page and share some $exier photos on social media.

“It’s a decision I’ve thought about a lot, and it’s not a decision I made in a hurry or at the moment; it’s about regaining control, empowerment, and self-confidence, and having complete control over my choices.”

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“I’ve always enjoyed the time of photoshoots, and that’s how I ventured into acting. When I was 12, I wanted to be a model and soon I enrolled in a modeling course after this I joined an agency, And I took my first professional shot, and I was hooked.” the rest is history. I had my first TV audition, and the rest is history.

“I’ve had the good fortune to go to some fairly fantastic locations for photoshoots since I was 17, but I’ve never felt in charge of the content or the money.”

The actress has already been in a number of plays and theatres, as well as winning British Soap Awards.


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