Shane Dawson Cat Story trends Online Again


After six years of the incident, Shane Dawson sinister cat story is once again trending online, courtesy of a suspicious Nintendo tweet.

Recently, Nintendo’s social media allegedly posted a tweet about cats, which raised several online community eyebrows. It turns out. Nintendo hasn’t tweeted. Instead, an account was posted that removed its Twitter handle to make it appear that Nintendo actually made it to the US.


What immediately caught the attention of Twitter users was the title, which read, “Shane Dawson now apparently runs Nintendo account.”

This was a direct indication of his horrifying podcast clip from 2015, which went viral worldwide.


In the clip, Dawson brief a sexual act in which she participated with her pussy.

He can be heard describing what she did to her cat.

“One time I laid my cat down on her back. I moved her little chicken legs spread open or whatever. I came all over the cat. It was like my first sexual experience. I was also like 19”.

After the clip went viral, he faced severe backlash online and quickly clarified that it was joking, as he went to issue an apology. Check below:

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With her sinister cat story resumed online, Twitter users were left-clicking her name in the trending bar, as she pledged to Dawson for the need not to give such limelight.

Shane Dawson’s cat story leaves Twitter scandalized, yet again

 A detailed description of the cat scandal is well explained in the video above, with the 32-year-old YouTuber issuing a prolonged apology on social media.

Often known to settle a dispute, Dawson is certainly no stranger to being “cancelled”. Seeing that his jokes about paedophilia and racism drew a massive backlash online.

One of the most polarizing figures on the Internet today, Dawson inadvertently kicked off a meme fest online with a revival of her cat scandal.

To continue the desire of the online community with its dubious actions and statements, it seems as if Dawson has developed an unstoppable habit of touching on a raw nerve with the general public.

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Although he has apologized several times and claimed accountability for his actions, he continues to find himself on the edge of complete cancellation.



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