Shawn Mendes Kisses Camilla Cabello Foot Leaves Twitter scandalized, “Armie Hammer?”


“Senorita” power couple Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello recently rocked the internet with their sweet and sad Valentine’s Day photos. However, one photo that has become a hot topic of online debate is that Sean Mendes can be seen with Camilla Cabello’s bare feet pressed with his lips. Here is the full update about Shawn Mendes Kisses Camilla Cabello.

Shawn Mendes Kisses Camilla Cabello


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Although the fetishes of the foot are not at all uncommon, fans were quick to get an Armie Hammer reference as they uncovered an alleged resemblance to the famous finicky scene from Call Me By Your Name:


The context in question is in relation to Armie Hammer’s recent cannibalism scandal that shook the internet and consequently prompted a barrage of memes.

Speaking of memes, Twitter had a field day once again, as they decided to add a whole new humorous spin to the leg of Camilla Cabello kissing Shawn Mendes’ picture.

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Shawn Mendes Triggers Meme Fest After Picture Of Him Kissing Camilla Cabello’s Foot Goes Viral

By stating that all the songs they wrote were meant to tattoo them together, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello have grown into one of the most popular couples on the Internet, courtesy of their swirl and full romance.

Although the meat quotient in their posts is quite high, the recent picture of the foot became a source of hilarious memes. It also left Twitter users somewhat uncomfortable about the possibility of having a foot fetish from one of their favourite pop stars.

Here are some reactions online, as fans churned out memes by the dozen:

From most of the online responses, a strong sense of duality can be identified as related to whether Camilla Cabello’s leg kiss Sean Mendes’ photo is really cute or flattering.

With the internet divided along the same lines, it appears that his most recent display of affection has left Floodgate open in a barrage of memes, as his alleged foot fetish remains under intense scrutiny online.


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